How long is CCIE Certification valid? Is Re-Certification required?

The CCIE certification, which is a globally recognized certification in the IT industry and the most prestigious certification in global networking, is internationally recognized. Let’s now discuss the validity period for CCIE certification.
First, it is undisputed that CCIE certifications are valid. The Internet industry is rapidly changing. Cisco must re-authenticate every two years, after candidates have passed the CCIE certification exam, in order to allow CCIE to track new technologies and maintain the Internet technology level for experts who hold CCIE certificates.
The CCIE written exam is valid for 18 months. Candidates must also take the first laboratory test within the 18-month period following passing the CCIE writing test. Candidates who fail to pass the experimental test the first time must take it again at least every 12 months to preserve the validity of their written test results. Candidates who fail to pass the laboratory exam within three years of passing the written test must re-enter and pass a written examination in order to be eligible for the reregistration laboratory examination. There is no limit to the number of written exams. They can take the written exam again after passing the written test. They must take the written exam again if they fail to pass. (Uncertain accuracy)
Candidates must re-authenticate after passing the CCIE experimental and written tests. Cisco will terminate the rights granted to them if they fail to reauthenticate. CCIE authentication can be divided into three states: Active, Suspended, and Inactive.
1. If you do not recertify for two years, your CCIE status is suspended. This means that your CCIE number temporarily suspends and you must recertify in this year.
2. In a suspended state, you may reactivate your CCIE numbers by passing any CCIE writing test. This means that you can complete the recertification by passing any CCIE writing test within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification exam.
3. Your CCIE status will be inactive if you have not recertified. You will need to take another lab test in order to activate your CCIE number. This will increase the time and economic cost. Refer to the specific fee: What is the CCIE registration fee? Where can I take the CCIE exam
Cisco’s two other levels of certification have validity periods in addition to CCIE. The CCNA and CCNP certificates have validity periods of three years. Recertifying CCNA certification is easy. You must re-test CCNA exercises. The CCNA certificate must be valid for at least three years. Or, you can recertify by passing the CCIE written exam.
CCIE certification is valid two years. There is a one year buffer. Candidates are reminded to complete recertification within the validity period.
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