How to co-author in O365

365 Real-Time Co-Authoring
I will tell you a story that I know will be true for you. You open a file you need to work on and a dialog box pops up warning you that the file is “locked for editing by so-andso”. Would you like to open a Read Only version? You click yes, because you must do the work. You complete your work and click Save as. You will now have 2 copies of the same files. As time goes by, it becomes 3 copies and then 4 copies. This is because you and your coworkers can’t work on the exact same file simultaneously.
Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud computing tool that is revolutionizing the way we collaborate. Although some of the cloud-based collaboration tools are notable, such as online file storage, sharing control access to files and access to software like Word or Excel from anywhere, there’s one feature that is truly unique: real-time coauthoring.
This is a game-changer. This allows us to open the same file at the same time even though we are located in different places. We can collaborate! You can see a color-coded listing of all the people editing the document simultaneously. As they make changes, you can also see who did what in the document.

This feature can be combined with 365’s built-in Teams capabilities of Voice Over-IP, instant messaging, and share screen to allow us to collaborate like never before. This is the virtual office that so many companies require right now.
This 1-day 365 overview course by New Horizons Computer Learning Center is a great option for anyone who has just been thrust into the 365 world. It includes co-authoring, teams, and much more!

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