How to Pass Cisco CCNA Exam Fastly

CCNA is the primary technical certification in the field of network operations. CCNA will prove that you have met the required network knowledge and operating skills and have certain advantages during the interview. Students who wish to work in the network industry must pass the CCNA Exam. I passed CCNA in the early stages with a score of 1000. Let me share my personal experience. It will be combined with my work experience to make it more understandable.

[Familiarize yourself with the Chinese Learning Guide]
The original textbook of CCNA was written in English. It is still difficult to read English textbooks. Chinese textbooks can be used to learn. There are two authoritative presses in China for Cisco Certification. It is sufficient to purchase one of these study guides. ( Of course, you can also purchase textbooks from both presses simultaneously to learn. For students who don’t have a foundation, reading can be difficult at the beginning. You need to persevere at this stage. Read what you understand. It will become easy to comprehend if you read it three or five times.

[Learning Point – Network Foundation]
The most important thing about learning CCNA is to master network foundation. Other Routing Protocols can be forgotten if they aren’t used for a long period of time. Only basic network knowledge will last a lifetime. We should be more attentive to remember the definitions of the 3-layer and 7-layer models, as well as the relationship between them. These are important questions that will be asked during interviews.

[Learning Point – TCP / IP Protocol & Sub-net Division]
Understanding TCP / IP Protocol is important as well. This is an integral part of our daily lives. Our most commonly used routers, switches, and servers all have the same positions in this protocol. TCP / IP Protocol is also useful in troubleshooting. Sub-net division can be difficult to grasp for beginners. You will find the necessary problem-solving skills in textbooks. They can make many contacts and be able to master them all. It is also useful to know Sub-net Division. Sub-net Division is essential for me to be able to assign IP Network Segments customers to the computer room.

[Learning Point – Routing Protocol]
The Routing Protocol of Cisco CCNA introduces the configuration methods of RIP and EIGRP as well as OSPF. These knowledge are not necessary if you don’t work in large computer rooms or contribute to the maintenance or construction of large networks. However, they will be useful for building large networks.

[Learning Point – Experiment]
CCNA experiments are simpler than the later CCNP ones, so an Experiment Guide and Simulator will help you to master them. You will need to do more experiments and master routing configuration commands. This is basically the ability to enter commands line by line without thinking. Because network maintenance takes up most of the time, you will need to configure the router quickly.

[End Point-Question Bank]
Chinese students are the best at the test. Most students can pass the test easily if there is a question bank for CCNA Test. The question bank is in English so you might need to consult the dictionary before you start learning the questions. Once you can recite the question banks, it is time to take the exam. I believe you can score full marks.

[Something Else]
For students without a foundation, it is possible to take part in the training class. The training class can be re-listened free of charge and can be listened to several times. Every time you listen to it, you will improve. It is also a great way to learn from teachers and students. To communicate with netizens, you can also join QQ groups relevant to your interests and enter the post bar.