Microsoft SQL Server – Night Track

Microsoft SQL Server is a very stable, popular, affordable, and fast database engine. There are many resources and support available online and from IT providers. It’s also relatively easy to use.
The following is a summary of Microsoft SQL Server from a Gartner report:
Microsoft offers one of the best value propositions in the market. It is affordable and has a favorable price/performance ratio. There is also an easy learning curve to acquire the same skills as the ones Microsoft already has. Customers report that the seamless integration of a complete Microsoft business intelligence stack and Microsoft data warehouse is extremely beneficial to time-to value in delivery. There are no concerns about vendor lock-in. Our reference checks and conversations with clients have shown that Microsoft offers worldwide support, which includes partners, value-added resellers, vendors of third party software and tools, and widely available SQL Server skills.
Source:Magic Quadrant Database Management Systems for Data Warehouses

Microsoft SQL Server is tightly integrated to the Windows Server security settings. This allows for quick installation on existing servers. Microsoft is a leader in providing secure database platforms.
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