Mini Course: Master Project Proposals for The Digital Project Manager

You will be asked to contribute to or write a proposal as a PM. What are the steps?

Galen will show you how to create an impactful proposal that has a strong foundation. He will use win themes, make thoughtful decisions about format, structure, creating tension, and involve your team of SMEs, all while keeping one voice.

You’ll feel confident and ready to write a strong proposal for your project after this mini-course.

What you’ll learn

How to create and effectively use win themes
How to structure your proposal to maximize impact
How to use tension to motivate your audience
How to include contributing SMEs without sacrificing consistency
How and when to disrupt the selection process to your benefit


Opportunity Qualification Scorecard (.xlsx).
Proposal Coverage Checklist (.xlsx).
Win Themes and SWOT Canvas (.pptx).
Example of a Short-form Proposal (.pdf).