New CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-006 is Now Available!

Network+ is a popular certification in networking. This credential is an associate level vendor neutral credential and has quickly become the gold standard in networking skills. CompTIA has released N10-006, the new version of its Network+ exam. This exam is available alongside the N10-005 older version. Users can choose between two exam versions at the moment. The old one will be discontinued this year. The English version will cease to be available after August 31, 2015. Foreign language versions will stop being available on December 31, 2015.
The new exam (N10-006) was launched on February 28, 2015. It covers current approaches to networking and network technologies. The new Network+ exam puts more emphasis on practical knowledge than the previous version. This includes how to identify and use elements within a network infrastructure. The N10-006 exam is vendor neutral, just like other CompTIA exams. This makes it attractive to many users. The new exam has up to 100 questions, more than the old one, and it takes only 90 minutes.
What makes the Network+ exam N10-006 unique?
Additional IPv6 concepts.
The emphasis should be on troubleshooting.
Additional security knowledge.
Emphasis on Administering key systems.
3 brand new topics (see below).
If you’re planning to take the N10-006 test, be sure to keep up-to-date with all the latest terms and technologies in IT networking. You will need to have more hands-on experience with installing, configuring and implementing, as well as managing and troubleshooting.
Three new exam topics were added. These are:
Compare and contrast physical security control.
Summarize the most important forensic concepts.
Summarize safety measures.
Overall, Network+ is growing stronger and the exam is getting harder which makes it more desirable by employers around the world. CompTIA Network+ is recommended or required by companies such as Dell, Ricoh Sharp, Sharp, and Xerox for their network technicians. It is also an option for technical prerequisites for IT technicians who want to join the Apple Consultants Network. It is recognized by U.S. Department of Defense. CompTIA Network+ce is included in this accreditation. It can be updated through the CompTIA Continuous Education program.
Although this promotional video may be from CompTIA, it is still a great representation of the credential. Network+ is the best certification for network professionals.

Study up and add the N10-006 exam to your 2015 to-do-list.