New Horizons Learning Group wins CertNexus’ Most Improved

New Horizons Learning Group was awarded the Most Improved Authorized Training Partner award at the annual Authorized TrainingPartner Meeting. The ceremony was held virtually from Rochester NY.
Each award is given to CertNexus Authorized Training Partners, (ATP). It recognizes the ATPs outstanding representation of CertNexus’ emerging tech training and certification programs, and their exceptional achievements in doing so.
“Data is driving business, and New Horizons Learning Group recognized that the next generation skills will be focused on data-driven technologies,” stated Jeff Felice (President of CertNexus). Their business has grown by expanding their training services to address the growing tech skills gap.

CertNexus is a leader in providing vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications for IT, security, and business professionals. CertNexus courses will help you succeed in these highly-demanded emerging technologies, whether you need a broad-based introduction, more in-depth professional skills, or a higher level of expertise.
New Horizons of Learning Group is a CertNexus Authorized Learning Partners. They offer engaging cybersecurity and Internet of Things courses that align with CertNexus certifications. This will prepare you for your organization’s demands and help you bridge critical skills gaps. These courses will help you propel your career forward. Pass the associated exams and earn the top cybersecurity and IoT certifications.
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