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Are you looking for ways to get applications and services faster to your customers and business? Are you able to plan how you will support the workloads and apps that run on Windows Server 2003 as it reaches its end of support in July? Are you interested in learning how to bring cloud computing into your datacenter, while still maintaining control and flexibility?
Our technical experts will show you how to use your existing skills to Microsoft Azure and Windows Server 2012 to expand your datacenter with a hybrid cloud infrastructure. This clinic includes multiple student labs. It includes: * Practical experience with Azure compute and networking resources * In-depth dives into key Azure scenarios, including workload migration * Guidance to improve storage performance on Azure virtual machines * Updates on storage and networking in Windows Sever 2012. R2 Registered participants will be awarded a $100 Azure credit on day of clinic and a $200 Azure credit after the clinic.

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