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The world will not be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two eras in our lives: the pre-COVID era, which is now over, and the COVID age, which will continue for some time. Individual and professional lives will be forever changed (probably some good things). Changes will occur in many areas, including the work culture, challenges, thinking, and other aspects.
The question is: How can you adapt to it efficiently and effectively to be successful in the new world arrangement, and especially in corporate life? Another question is: Is this a problem that can be turned into an opportunity?
To answer this question, we must understand one thing: Survival is the key. After every downturn in the past few centuries, those who excelled in their chosen field and were the fittest have found it relatively easy survive. Your professional expectations will rise as the corporate approach changes. You will need to be more competitive than ever with your peers.

This 5 step process will help you excel and survive.
Understanding the needs of your organization and your work
Learn what they want from you
Identify your strengths, interests, and weaknesses (as well as your disinterests).
Analyze your strengths and interests and make changes based on your disinterests and weaknesses.
You can succeed by taking action to sustain yourself initially and then succeed later.
It’s not easy to do. There might be resistance from within. You are the only one who can overcome this resistance. Let me give you an example that I have used to illustrate how it can be done successfully. Let’s say you are involved with Project Management. In that case, you need to think about the following steps. Let’s talk about this context. You can choose to do the same exercise in another field.

Step 1: Every payout an organization makes going forward will require high-value output. Expect a higher return on investment. If employees can add great value to the company, they will be paid and retained.
Step 2: Understand what your organization expects of you if you are involved in Project Management or working on projects.
In these times of unprecedented change, every organization will expect its employees to deliver exceptional results in meeting all constraints (Scope and Time, Cost, Quality & Resources, Risks, Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction). This might be the new norm in survival.
Step 3: This step is self-evaluation. You will need to create four quadrants and then brainstorm or analyze the 4 areas within each quadrant with respect to Project Management. You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses by doing a deep self-analysis on each of these areas.
Strengths you should be strengthening or using to your benefit
You need to address or suppress your weaknesses
Where you are interested in:
You don’t want to be or do something you don’t like.

Step 4: Knowing these 4 areas is not enough. Now it is time to start thinking about how you can use these four areas to your advantage. Planning for the future is key to success. You might discover some strengths and interests that you can use to improve your skills. All four areas can be improved by skill up-gradation. You must not only improve your skills but also market yourself effectively. You will need to have recognized Project Management Certifications in order to establish your credibility in the market.
Project Management Institute is a globally recognized organization that offers Project Management skills. There are many Project Management Certification options available. The most well-known and flagship program is PMP Certification (PMP, Project Management Professional). These are the steps you need to follow to get certified, improve your skills and obtain this certification:
Check your eligibility
Check out the PMP Certification Costs and Effort involved
Identify your options
Do some research on how to do it (Which university, which study materials, etc.).
Register with 1 quality institute
Follow the guidelines of the institute
Get certified

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These steps will make your life much easier. They will not vary from one person to another.
Check your eligibility:
The following eligibility calculator can be used to determine your eligibility. If you are not eligible for PMP, PMI offers an alternative option: CAPM Certification (CAPM Certified Associa).


Communication is key to project success! Prothoughts

At the beginning of my career, I used to see senior managers and leaders walking into the office while I was on calls. They were always busy, whether they were in meetings, conferences, generating reports, emailing, or interacting with team members. I used to wonder when they were actually working. They communicate in many different ways to me.
Later in my career, and after I completed PMP, I realized what I saw them do was what they were supposed to do. They have teams to deliver, so their job is not to deliver, but to get the work done and get them to deliver. Communication is a key focus area for Project Managers (PM).
According to project management standards, communications accounts for about 90% of the work a PM does.
It can be informal or formal, verbal or writing, interactive push or draw, or both.
Communication is more than just the PM communicating with others. It’s about other people communicating with each other. If Team Leaders are unable to communicate effectively with vendors, team members, other departments, or any other stakeholders, the project will eventually be affected which will ultimately impact the PM’s performance.
As a PM, it is important to make sure that communication spoilers (also known as Noise) are under control. Noise can vary depending on the industry, work culture, geography, or environment. These include body language, culture and etiquettes, ineffective feedback and acknowledgement, pitch, tone and voice, dual meaning words, incorrect communication styles, etc. etc. PM might need to limit certain communications in order to ensure effective communication.
PM must ensure that all information sent by the message sender is received by the receiver in the expected form. This includes effective acknowledgment and/or feedback.
All communications related to the project should be collected upfront by the PM. This should also be included in the project scope.
Answers to multiple questions are crucial. Here are some examples:
Who, How often, In what format, When, For what activities and tasks, etc.
“Effective Leaders and Managers must be effective communicators.”
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Clearing the PMP exam in just 17 days – PMP Online Exam at Home – Prothoughts

I was preparing for the PMP exam starting Jan 20, and was scheduled to take the exam on 3rd April. Lockdown gave me the option to change the date and move it to 4th of May. This was all before Prothoughts refresher course. After Prothoughts refresher course on 11-12 April, I felt confident about my ability to study but was skeptical about the exam actually taking place on 4 May due to extended lockdown. I applied for a refund on 15 April. The next day, I found out about the PMP online proctored examination. I was able to switch to online examination mode thanks to prompt advice and cancel my refund request.
I had 19 days to complete my exams that day. (Yes, I am aware that you are doing risk analysis and consider me a Fool. It was possible, but I was lazy and spent 2 more days planning how to get started. My enthusiasm and planning were not enough to match my belief. I decided to just read 1 chapter per day and keep revising my plan (Rolling wave Planning). I actually started studying on the 18th of April. Only 17 days of effective learning (Fast Tracking).

On Paper, the plan was “A chapter per day, keeps anxiety away”. It seemed feasible, considering that it meant I was leaving 4 days of revision at the end. Everything felt new except for my Rita book. My old study memory was gone. (No analogous estimation, no lessons learned) Maybe Corona effect. I decided to try and negate this effect by going back to school. I started taking notes (I didn’t do it earlier, I told you I was lazy).
Plan was still working well until the end of the first week. 1 chapter per day, notes in good shape, happy mind. I have other questions. Then there is the unidentified risk event “Weekend”. You lose your daily routine, and suddenly you’re binge watching and sleeping thinking that you have a busy week at work. Let’s just relax. I didn’t study for two days. (Told you about being lazy and that you can add procrastinator to it)
I took the setback positively and began next week with more energy and determination. I was able to complete all chapters by Sunday morning 3 May, and I was back on track for the remaining course. Now I had 30 hours to revise and take mock tests. I had originally planned to give at least 4 mock tests, but only one was given on Sunday. ProThoughts Mock Test Scored a mediocre 135. Okay, now it was time to toss. But there was no other choice. To clear PMP, I had to devise a 24-hour plan. I was filmy and believed in 3 idiots dialogues “KABIL BANO and KAMYABI TOH ” So, I stopped solving mock tests or answering questions and entered Hyper mode to review Rita book and fine tune my notes. This was the best decision I ever made in PMP preparation. It took me 8 hours for each of the 12 chapters to be completed in phases. I glanced over the notes and important topics once more. I felt like I was going to war without any bulletproof armour. (It was a reality that I was overoptimistic and underprepared)

Finally, I said “Be positive” and began the exam.
Pre-Exam Preparations For Online Proctoring
1. To check compatibility issues, test your laptop with Webcam three days in advance. (Preventive Action)
2. You can use your personal laptop to grant certain permissions. Thank goodness I used my personal laptop. My office laptop passed the test software, but it asked me for firewall permission on exam day. This was not requested in test mode. If admin access is not available, don’t take the risk of your office laptop. (Identify risk and mitigate)
3. Clear your desk and adjacent walls of any type of information. Clear your exam hall. (EEF)
4. Only a laptop, water bottle, and personal ID can be kept on your desk. You are not allowed to keep any paper, pen, or other electronic devices on your desk.
5. You can choose from online worksheets, calculators, highlighters, and many other options. available.

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When is Exam Time
1. LOGIN for 30 minutes Before exam time.
2. Before you can actually start an exam, there are steps you should take.
3. They will ask for your ID, picture and room photos. Everything can be uploaded from your mobile. You can upload everything from your mobile device.
4. Wait for 5-10 min. For verification of upload. It will ask you to remove your mobile device and begin the exam.
5. The system will allow you to view a small interactive guide about the tools available for taking online exams. Don’t skip this.
6. Do not panic if you encounter any errors during the exam. Simply go to the chat box and type your problem. They will respond quickly. It happened to me, and I had to restart the test according to the instructions. They gave me full time after I restarted. It happened in the very first question.
7. Most important question “Can we take break(s)?” PMI has set aside a 10-minute bio bre


A brief introduction to the CCIE Test

We will undoubtedly have to take many examinations throughout our lives. The easiest is the junior high school examination. The examination of senior high schools, college entrance examinations, and various certificates exams at universities are next. We have to pass examinations of various types, but all with the same result. Exams are now very common for today’s population. They will feel uncomfortable at work if they don’t have to take relevant examinations every single day. The Cisco CCIE Exam is a new type of exam that we have introduced today. It is the highest qualification certificate in a particular industry. What do you know about CCIE Certifications? What mysterious industry is it? Let’s learn more about CCIE Exam.

This type of examination certificate was first issued in the United States. It was created in the early 1990s. It was initially used to verify your identity and status. This is why it is also known as Expert Certification Examination. The CCIE Examination is primarily for the current IT industry. It has been regarded as the highest honor by IT industry practitioners. This examination is similar to the Certified Public Accountant Certificate, but is targeted at new industries, rather than traditional ones. It is therefore strange for people who have worked in traditional industries. However, people working in the IT industry feel very cordial.

The scope of CCIE Exam is also important. It will directly impact the evaluation of the outside world and whether it can be certified to be a benchmark in the industry. The test’s scope is what can best reflect its authority. It includes aspects of Network Security Integration. This area focuses on the current state of network security and how networks are integrated around the globe. It is a requirement for the CCIE Exam. Network Security and Network Integration can only guarantee the correctness of information transmission. Qos is the second, which refers to the quality and speed of the network. This creates the intuitive feeling that we have visually due to internal quality problems.

We also need to briefly discuss the precautions that are required for the exam. The CCIE Exam, which is a professional examination, is not a national exam. It therefore has no set time. The written and lab tests are the main components of the examination. The written test does not have a time limit. Candidates can travel to the appropriate institutions as long as they have the time. The written test is much simpler than the CCIE Lab test. The written test in CCIE is more theoretical than the Lab Test. Lab Tests require an appointment and the questions are mainly designed to test your processing abilities. Lab Tests are usually more difficult to pass. We have provided the relevant information about CCIE Exam. I recommend it if you are interested in becoming an IT master.


How long is CCIE Certification valid? Is Re-Certification required?

The CCIE certification, which is a globally recognized certification in the IT industry and the most prestigious certification in global networking, is internationally recognized. Let’s now discuss the validity period for CCIE certification.
First, it is undisputed that CCIE certifications are valid. The Internet industry is rapidly changing. Cisco must re-authenticate every two years, after candidates have passed the CCIE certification exam, in order to allow CCIE to track new technologies and maintain the Internet technology level for experts who hold CCIE certificates.
The CCIE written exam is valid for 18 months. Candidates must also take the first laboratory test within the 18-month period following passing the CCIE writing test. Candidates who fail to pass the experimental test the first time must take it again at least every 12 months to preserve the validity of their written test results. Candidates who fail to pass the laboratory exam within three years of passing the written test must re-enter and pass a written examination in order to be eligible for the reregistration laboratory examination. There is no limit to the number of written exams. They can take the written exam again after passing the written test. They must take the written exam again if they fail to pass. (Uncertain accuracy)
Candidates must re-authenticate after passing the CCIE experimental and written tests. Cisco will terminate the rights granted to them if they fail to reauthenticate. CCIE authentication can be divided into three states: Active, Suspended, and Inactive.
1. If you do not recertify for two years, your CCIE status is suspended. This means that your CCIE number temporarily suspends and you must recertify in this year.
2. In a suspended state, you may reactivate your CCIE numbers by passing any CCIE writing test. This means that you can complete the recertification by passing any CCIE writing test within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification exam.
3. Your CCIE status will be inactive if you have not recertified. You will need to take another lab test in order to activate your CCIE number. This will increase the time and economic cost. Refer to the specific fee: What is the CCIE registration fee? Where can I take the CCIE exam
Cisco’s two other levels of certification have validity periods in addition to CCIE. The CCNA and CCNP certificates have validity periods of three years. Recertifying CCNA certification is easy. You must re-test CCNA exercises. The CCNA certificate must be valid for at least three years. Or, you can recertify by passing the CCIE written exam.
CCIE certification is valid two years. There is a one year buffer. Candidates are reminded to complete recertification within the validity period.
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How Often Do CCIE Data Center Lab Dumps and Written Exam Dumps Change?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is a certification exam for experts that was launched by Cisco in 1993. It is the most prestigious certification in the IT industry, and the highest in global networking. CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert), holders make up less than 3% of all Cisco certified professionals and less than 1% worldwide network practitioners (Cisco official statistics). Cisco certification is primarily for engineers who have the knowledge and skills to manage Cisco devices in today‚Äôs changing network environment. CCIE certification, which is also the new CCA, is the certification of Cisco’s most advanced technical capability. It is the highest level of the Cisco pyramid certification system. It is also one the most respected and authoritative certificates in the IT industry. CCIE certification was ranked as the number one IT certification in 2003. It has the reputation of IT ultimate certification. CCIE certification, in addition to being recognized by the entire industry, is a sign that you are constantly updating your network knowledge. You will be the most competitive person within your professional and technical field.
The CCIE exam is very difficult due to the high gold content certificate. CCIE is not the same as CCIP, CCCIA, and other intermediate certifications. CCIE exam cannot be passed through dumps. CCIE exam requires that the examinee complete practical exercises in addition the written examination and CCIE Lab examination. We should not expect to pass CCIE through CCIE dumps. Instead, we should study with professional training institutions and master the professional curriculum.
The core contents of CCIE certification are essential for expert certification. This includes CCIE certification in routing and switching. Expert knowledge is required in the use of different LAN and WAN interfaces, as well as networking with various routers or switches. R &S experts can solve complex connections problems, use technical solutions for increased bandwidth, faster response times, greater security, and support global applications. Candidates should be able configure, maintain, and monitor LAN, Wan, and dial-up access services.
These are not the same things that can be learned from CCIE dumps. But SPOTO can help! Live teaching, video review and free revision are some of the ways we help you to learn and improve your skills. We also provide support for head teachers with whole process tracking, stage testing, courseware environment PPT, exam guidance, dumps explanation, and employment recommendation.
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Details of the PSTN Protocol You Need to Know if you want to take CCIE Certification

You will need to know details about the PSTN protocol if you wish to take Cisco EI CCIE authentication. PSTN, which stands for Public Switched Telephone Network (or Public Switched Telephone Network), is a global switching network for voice communication. It is home to approximately 800 million people and is the largest telecommunications system in the world. The network is used by most people when they use landlines to make calls or dial the Internet at home. It is important to remember that the PSTN network was created to transmit voice data.
The telephone network known as the public switch telephone network (PSTN), is the one we use every day. PSTN, a circuit switching network that uses analog technology, is something we all know. While there are many Wan interconnection technology options, PSTN has the lowest communication cost, but the best data transmission quality and speed. PSTN’s network resource utilization is also low.
It also refers the basic telephone service (POTS). It’s a collection all circuit switched telephone networks that have existed since Alexander Graham Bell invented it. Technically, the public switched telephone network is fully digitalized today. This includes the connection between the user’s local switchboard and the user. PSTN is a significant part of the long distance infrastructure of the Internet. Internet service providers (ISPs) must pay equipment owners to be able to use PSTN’s long distance infrastructure and share circuits between many users via information exchange. Internet users pay only for Internet service providers. Public switched telephone network, a circuit switching service that is based on standard telephone lines and used to connect remote endpoints, is a circuit switch service. These applications can be used to connect remote endpoints to local LANs or dial-up Internet access for distant users.
PSTN’s two components
Two parts can make up PSTN: the switching system and the transmission system. The transmission system is comprised of telephone exchange and transmission equipment. These two components are constantly evolving and improving in response to user demand.
1. The following stages are likely to be involved in the development of a switching system.
Transfers are done manually in the age of manual exchange. As it was in the past, when you call, you first connect with an operator. The operator will then transfer you.
Automatic switching has brought forth step-by-step, vertical and horizontal switches.
Semi-electronic switching is the new era of electronic switching. Electronic technology is now integrated into the control portion of the switch.
Program-controlled switches were developed in the era space division switching. However, the transmission of the signals is still analog.
Digital switching is now possible thanks to the successful application PCM pulse code technology. This allows digital signals to be transmitted through digital SPC exchange.
2. The transmission equipment for PSTN has evolved from carrier multiplexing to SDH equipment and the cable has also evolved from copper wire to optical fibre.
PSTN is an analog proprietary channel that is connected via several telephone exchanges. To enable analog / digital and analog / analog conversions of signals, modems are required at both the network access ends. PSTN is a simple extension to the physical layer. It does not provide flow control, error control or other services. PSTN is a method of circuit switching. This means that all bandwidth can be used by devices at both ends, regardless of whether data is being transmitted between them. Circuit switching cannot make full use of network bandwidth.
Mode for PSTN Network Access:
The PSTN network access mode can be quite simple and flexible. It usually includes the following:
1. Access to the network via a normal dial-up telephone line Modem must be connected to both the original telephone lines and then Modem must be connected to the appropriate Internet equipment. Many Internet access devices such as routers and PCs have several serial ports. Serial interface specifications like RS-232 can be used between serial port and modem. The connection cost is relatively low and the charging price is the exact same as for regular telephones. It can be used for situations where communication is less frequent.
2. Leased te allows you to access the network


Are there any good methods to study Cisco CCIE?

First, consider why you are learning Cisco CCNP or Cisco CCIE. Do you know where you are starting from? If you are pursuing the Cisco Certification, you must have a solid foundation in theory and basic operation to be able to get a job in the future. It is impossible to master all knowledge in a short amount of time. This requires engineering practice and a lot of patience. Secondly, it is a good idea to read the book before taking CCNP or CCIE classes. You don’t have to be too careful. The main purpose of this site is to get your brain thinking. You should first think about basic concepts and theories. Make a mark and compare the colors. Then you can have classes. (I don’t know if it is for you, but you can try it. You should then prepare a notebook to keep track of the teacher’s lecture structure, key points, problems, and engineering experience. You can also write it down in a book. I think you can read it together as you go through the book. However, each person is different and takes notes differently. You can explain it with pictures if it doesn’t work. This is a great way to review what you have learned. This can help you remember what you have learned. Not all knowledge points need to be recorded. You should take down the key problems, difficult issues, and repeated problems that teachers have explained. The most important thing to remember is that teachers will share relevant engineering experience when they talk about a particular knowledge point in class. You should always go back to class and review the information you have just learned. This is your second time reading a book. The teacher’s explanation should make it easier. Ask questions and make sure to read the entire book. Then you can begin the experiment. Start slowly and then speed up. We must be serious. We must be serious after learning a chapter. After reviewing the classes for the day, you should do the previous exercises again. TK is a great learning resource for CCNP Certification. It is not a simple reading resource. This is the same exam as the college exam. The most important difference between university examination and certification examination is the practicality of the content. The technology you learn in the certification exam is what you will use in your future job. You will be able to use the technology in your future work if you have a good grasp of it now. For each question in TK, you should take the time to think about it and practice it in books. You will be qualified theoretically if you can answer 90% of the questions correctly. You can then take the exam as a regular test. In this case, the method of learning CCIE remains the same.

Professional training is required for the CCIE Certification Exam. SPOTO is a great program. Teachers have a wealth of teaching experience and allow students to learn in a timely manner. It has a great reputation in the industry for technical training at Cisco.

Yes, you can learn if the institution is mentioned above. It is professional. It is evident that the institution must be of high quality.

This is a very professional answer. I don’t know how I can learn it.


Is Cisco CCIE Data Center Worth Testing? CCIE EI Course Now Online

DC Data Center is for people who have the basic CCIE certificate, which is a high-paid employment certificate.
Many people find it a worthwhile question, as CCIE data center can be very difficult for newcomers. Students who are new to CCNA routing or switching are considered newcomers. Students who have studied RS will know that the theoretical knowledge of RS is the basis for a data center. The fundamental knowledge of RS is essential to be able to effectively learn the technical and theoretical knowledge required for data center operations. Many students who have passed RS CCIE are primarily interested in data center. There are many goals for CCIE security. They expand their knowledge of RS when they learn more about the datacenter. Although it is difficult to learn, they can learn it quickly because they are familiarized with the protocol terms used within the underlying network architecture. Students who are interested in learning about the data center should supplement their RS knowledge. It is easier for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge of CCIE Data Center. Cisco’s data center is well worth the examination. Cisco will also update its certification architecture next, and the updated technology, which includes programming knowledge, will be added to CCIE’s data center.
I am also taking the SPOTO PY course right now because I want to be able to grasp these skills quickly, as opportunities don’t wait. I am able to seize opportunities whenever they arise. This sentence is not misleading. It is too competitive. You can only keep trying! For those who are passionate about technology, Cisco’s data center technology is a must-see. Vxlan, OSPF, and BGP with RS in the connection of datacenter architecture, virtual POOD, and remote Leaf between architectures will not only gain the most current knowledge but also expand their knowledge in RS. BGP is an example. Data center automation and orchestration uses scripts to perform data center tasks. RESTful API can be used to create, modify, delete, update, deploy, and modify configurations. It also allows you to collect statistics and data. Another option is to use tools that automate and orchestrate data centers, such as DCNM, UCSD etc. Although I don’t have a lot of knowledge about data center technology, I do know some technologies that are appealing to me and have studied some.
I was astonished to see automation. I assumed that the RS certification I had earned would be obsolete, as EI is soon to be launched. EI’s most significant feature is the launch SD-WAN, DNA and PY, which are all the latest knowledge. It is also the best chance for SPOTO to break through. The instructor’s multi-year PY course is linked to his favorite Cisco technology, which is undoubtedly a solid foundation for the launch SPOTO’s new EI course. SPOTO has just announced its new EI course. It is available for students who are interested on the official website. Students interested in EI technology next school year should be aware of it as it is different than other years. If you are a recent graduate looking for work, It’s even more important if you are a recent graduate looking for a job. The interview is not about your certificate or your face. It’s about the technical and theoretical knowledge you have in your brain.


Five Misunderstandings About Cisco CCIE

Because of its reputation and popularity, Cisco CCIE Certification has been referred to as the doctoral degree for network elites. This certification is for network professionals who have at least three to five years of experience in Cisco network technology.

There are many myths about this certification due to the difficulty of the test. These are five common misconceptions about Cisco CCIE Certification. These misunderstandings will be addressed in this article.

Misunderstanding 1 – You can’t pass CCIE Lab Test

While many people fail the Lab Test, it is not impossible to pass. Many apprentices gave up on CCIE Certification after failing the Lab Test. It is not advisable to spread such ideas. However, “sympathy” is that many others have experienced the same thing, making this misunderstanding even more common. It is clear that CCIE Exam success requires a lot planning. You will need to create a study plan, participate in training exercises, demonstrate strong test taking strategies, and manage your time effectively.

Misunderstanding 2 – CCIE is still worthless

This might seem like a stupid idea. Although many professionals have received CCIE Certification, it does not diminish the value of CCIE certification. Its value has actually increased. It is worth considering. You will be able to hold the titles of Senior Network Engineer or Network Architect, Processing Plan Architect, Senior Systems Engineer, Manager, and Network Architect if you have obtained CCIE Routing & Switching Certification. The importance of the titles “Senior”, “Manager” must be recognized. Your salary is another indicator of the value and importance of CCIE. You might be able to ask for a higher salary in the IT industry if you have CCIE Certification. Based on their experience, a senior employee with CCIE Routing & Switching Certification Certificate could earn between USD 60,048 to USD 168,860 annually, according to the salary comparison of CCIE Students.

Misunderstanding 3: You must understand all before you can pass the CCIE Certification Exam

There is no one way to get CCIE Certification. It is not wise to say that there is only one way to get CCIE Certification. Each person learns differently. Some apprentices prefer to use books, while others prefer video training. Every apprentice must be certain that the learning and practice methods they choose are right for them. Senior CCIE Lecturer reminds that all learners who wish to earn CCIE Certification must practice as much as they can to gain experience. It is not necessary to be afraid of the Lab. For systematic learning, you might also consider Cisco VIRL Network Simulation Platform and 24-hour Real Machine Laboratory.

Misunderstanding 4 – Invigilators don’t treat everyone equally

This is another lie that test takers tell. Invigilators are trained to help candidates with equipment problems and prevent fraud. However, fraud cannot destroy the authentication process.

Misunderstanding 5 – There is no youth required to get CCIE Certification

Ordinary people can only practice their promises in the laboratory for 500 to 700 hours. This requires perseverance. Only elites can persevere with their dreams, but that does not mean you cannot spend time with your family and friends. It is important to set a schedule. It should include time to relax after training, such watching movies or visiting online cafes.