Scott Crabb Scott Crabb Scott left networking when he moved to the states and then resigned himself to a new life.

He realized that he had to go back to his roots: Network Engineering. He was missing that world so much and wanted to return to what he loved. He was looking for a way to go back that would not cost him his retirement, and a way he could get his CCNA certification. One simple Google search was all it took to find Scott’s ticket. NexGenT was exactly what Scott was looking for. Scott put his passion for networking and diligence to his studies and jumped into the program. Scott was not confident in the protocols of networking before NexGenT. He applied everything he had learned during the interview process to secure his new job. He was able handle any question they asked him. Scott says that he began to understand how protocols worked for him. Scott is thrilled to be back in the networking industry, right where he belongs. It’s hard to find your place in a field that you love. He was drawn to our hands-on, comprehensive labs. “Having Bill as an instructor — Bill’s knowledge is incredible. Scott says that you can ask him any question and he will answer it.” Scott was able redo his resume with career services and people started calling him after he posted it on Indeed. “I received calls from a lot of companies. Scott has probably found it. He’s now a Support Systems Engineer at NexGenT and has nearly doubled his salary from Walmart since he started the program. His experience as a network specialist and his new skills from NexGenT will provide him with significant growth opportunities in both his salary and personal life. No matter how many years you’ve been out of the IT industry, how inept you think you are, or what gaps you have, NexGenT can help. And it does so without any debt. Our Income Share Agreement allows you to choose flexible tuition options that work for you, so you don’t have to take out loans or break the bank.