SharePoint 2019 Updates

SharePoint has evolved from a simple and awkward document management system that was released in 2001 to a robust, fully-featured document management software. SharePoint 2019 offers a wide range of dynamic features that both developers and end-users can use to benefit from every level of business, small or large. These five new features will make your life easier.
Storage file size increases
SharePoint now supports files upto 15 GB in SharePoint document library, giving you unprecedented storage for documents and spreadsheets, images, videos, etc.
OSharepoint offers a more user-friendly and efficient experience in 2019, with new updates to libraries, sharing, sites, searching, and lists. SharePoint 2019 offers a new experience, with modern team sites that prioritize news and predictive text in search engines.
SharePoint integrates with PowerApps and Power BI to help automate your processes, and connect your data.
Things can get lost when there is collaboration between multiple departments. Sharepoint 2019 allows users to restore items that they have deleted as well as items that others have deleted.
Home Page
SharePoint 2019 has a modern homepage that offers a clean UI experience. Users can easily navigate the intranet to find team news, site activity and online and offline data.
Training your teams is essential for SharePoint integrations, upgrades, and implementations. This will ensure maximum success and collaboration. New Horizons Learning Group offers SharePoint training for both IT professionals and end users.

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