Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics365

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Companies that can analyze data with intelligence to predict client needs and respond in real-time are becoming more popular and successful in today’s data-driven environment. All business components must be integrated in order to take advantage of recent trends, adapt and re-imagine product placement. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 steps in.
The Intelligent Microsoft Cloud seamlessly combines CRM and ERP capabilities with productivity software, allowing you spot and seize new opportunities. Dynamics 365 allows you to digitally transform and innovate your business, quickly bring new products to market, build meaningful relationships, win new business virtually anywhere, and digitally transform your company.
Why Dynamics 365 is the best choice
#1 Customer feedback collection and evaluation
Dynamics 365 Customer Voice connects businesses with customers via surveys that can be customized to customers’ responses, personalized for the company’s brand, as well as automatically sent by email. Data visualization and dashboards give you valuable insight into customer responses to surveys. This allows for user input implementation. Ask for feedback and take action to improve customer satisfaction and build loyal customers.
#2 Flexible working hours:
Dynamics 365 was created with adaptability at its core. It offers a wide range of capabilities and features that are completely cloud-based. This allows you to access your data anywhere. Your workers can access Outlook from anywhere, even if the weather is bad.
#3 Customer Engagement:
Dynamics 365 Customer Journeys help businesses stay connected to their customers via automated marketing campaigns. These customer journeys are automatically initiated when a customer takes a particular action. These customer journeys free up time for employees that would otherwise be spent following up on marketing efforts. This allows them to spend their time on more useful business operations.
#4 Artificial intelligence (AI).
Dynamics 365 uses AI to anticipate and evaluate the needs of customers and the company, whether it is routine maintenance, product recommendations, ordering products, or extracting actionable points from meeting transcripts. Artificial Intelligence is the future in business insights and procedures. Organizations that use it will have a significant competitive advantage.
#5 Easily Accessible:
Dynamics 365 is mobile-friendly. This allows your staff to use their smartphones to complete tasks quickly.
#6 Scalability, cost-effectiveness, and affordability
With subscription services and Azure cloud hosting, companies can adapt to changing needs. Monthly subscriptions are affordable and allow companies to add or remove licenses. Hosting in the cloud eliminates the limitations of on-premises server space. This allows a company to scale up or decrease according to its needs without having to upgrade or update its servers. This is a significant business expense. Companies can grow quickly and shrink if needed, without ever suffering from either.
#7 Data centralization
These applications can be networked to share consumer data. This reduces data duplication and segregation, while increasing each person’s ability to do their job. Data is at the heart of digital transformation–unifying data, making it accessible to employees who require it, effectively analyzing it, and acting on the results.
#8 Integration with Microsoft Teams
Dynamics 365 Sales offers a powerful integration with Microsoft Teams that allows for communication, productivity, and collaboration right within the Sales app. You can record live transcripts and monitor prospect history. You can also call prospects and extract AI-generated helpful highlights.