The Best Free Digital Marketing Tools & Software For 2022

A business is nothing without a market. Digital marketing is vital to success. Entrepreneurs must be creative, and the right digital marketing tool will ensure that the business rises to the top. Today, entrepreneurs can take advantage of free online marketing tools to help them succeed. There are over 3.010 billion internet users worldwide, so there is no reason to miss this opportunity.
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In this article, we will discuss the 10 best digital marketing tools that are free and can be used to benefit your business. These are the following:
1. Trello
Before email, communication with project managers was done via email. However, the number of platforms available for email was very limited. Trello made project management easy. It was a powerful tool for planning and systematizing digital marketing projects. It takes only a few minutes for this Kanban-style tool to create a board and invite other members of staff immediately. Trello allows team leaders and members to communicate with each other in the sharing of blog posts prior to publication. This allows the team members to review the post and make changes before it is published. Trello is the best for collaboration and working with other marketing departments on a specific task. Although there are many other marketing tools available that work in the same way, Trello is the best. Its core features include:
Drag and drop functionality
Data filtering
One integration per “card” with a third-party app
Deadline reminders
Activity log
Notification by email
SSL data encryption
It is easy to organize project tasks, milestones, and deadlines
Customizable task classification or status tags and labels
Checklists with progress charts
Upload files/attachments easily
2. HubSpot CRM
Software that improves customer relationships is something you should not miss. This tool reduces the burden of tracking sales process, searching data storage, and tracking customers and prospects. This tool is used to manage a business-customer relationship. It features task boards, deal boards, customizable views and drag and drop communicator. Templates, tracking and scheduling, email contacts, and prospect and customer databases. These features are free.
3. Hootsuite
Social media, regardless of industry, is key to attracting the market. A business must engage in social media to survive in the market. Hootsuite offers several features that are most useful for users, such as prewritten responses, @mentions through dashboard, and replies to comment. It can also search for influencers to help with marketing and sales teams. This tool allows you to manage profiles across more than 30 platforms.
4. MailChimp
Email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy. It is simple to capture customers’ email addresses and it is cost-effective with tools like MailChimp. Unlimited email addresses up to 2000 subscribers are eligible for the forever free plan. Other features include:
Media storage
Drip campaigns
Analytics that reveal CTRs, clicks and opens
A/B testing
Email design templates
Based on engagement rates, subscriber data
Integrations with third-party apps, such as Google Analytics and social media
Calculations of the optimal send time
Easy-to-use email design features and image upload options
Sign up forms
Easy segmenting of your list with list management
5. SurveyMonkey
This tool can be used for digital marketing. It is a great way to turn feedback into opportunities through surveys. Gathering customers