The Top 10 Agile Project Management Softwares for 2022

The Best Agile Project Management Software List
Here is a shortlist with the top agile project management software.
JUMP TO REVIEWS is the best for workflow automations

Miro Best is a collaborative whiteboard & visualizations company

Clickup The best visual aids for sprints and making important items easily distinguishable

Kintone Best is a company that creates agile workflows.

Wrike Best is for cross-departmental collaboration

TeamGantt Best is a flexible and easy way to create Gantt charts

Asana Best for small groups & freelancers

Nutcache Best for project management

Process Street Best for retail and consumer companies

Pivotal Tracker is best for developers and software dev teams

Agile project management software has similar features to standard project software (task management, time tracking, project reporting), but is optimized for agile work. This includes Kanban boards, swimlanes, real-time collaboration and messaging features, as well as points management for user stories.
These features are intended to help agile teams better plan sprints, manage change in real time, and increase team collaboration.
To help you adopt an agile approach to work, I have compiled a list comparing the top agile project management software.
Comparison Criteria for Agile PM Software
What should I look for in agile PM software? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Is it clear and attractive? Is the tool optimized for Android and iPhone mobile devices?
Usability: Software should be easy-to-learn, integrate with other tools, and be simple to use in real time for quick collaboration. Do you have any usability bonuses such as a project wiki?
Integrations: Does it make it easy to connect to other tools? Integrates it with agile-oriented integrations such as Slack, Teamwork Chat or Google Docs? Continuous adaptation tools like bug tracking (Zoho Bug Tracker and DebugMe) and customer satisfaction tools (Qualtrics Customers XM, Hively).
Value for $: What price is appropriate for the features, capabilities, or use case? Is pricing transparent, clear, and flexible? An average agile project management software costs between $10 and $25 per month, or per user. What number of users and projects is included in the price? Is scaling simple? Is it possible to run multiple projects simultaneously?
Key Features of Agile Project Management Software
The best software will include all or most of these features.
Roadmap Maintenance and Backlog Grooming: Agile PM involves constant adaptation and evolution. This means that you must constantly rethink key planning items such as roadmaps and backlogs. Are the tools capable of managing product backlogs and tracking roadmap revisions?
Use Case Document Template: Does this tool include structures that can be used to create use case summaries and other support? Is there a way to save use case descriptions and other information such as those from market research interviews and interviews with SMEs?
Discovery Tracks and Delivery Tracks: Can the tool quickly separate and prioritize new ideas/planning from critical delivery items?
Team Velocity Gamification: Does it reward and encourage speed? Agile is the ability to react quickly to changes and twists. The tool should be able to do this reliably, even if it’s just a cool way to get alerts to the right people quickly.
Sprint Review Reports: Does the tool have the ability to provide critical feedback after an agile sprint? What about analytics to track important agile metrics?
Below is a list of the top 10 agile PM softwares. It includes screenshots, overviews of features, and pricing.