Updated Sample Questions – Microsoft Exam AI102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Artificial intelligence (AI), has played a significant role in changing the way businesses operate. According to reports, the global AI market will reach $60 billion by 2025. These numbers are staggering and indicate the increasing popularity of AI-driven solutions within the tech industry.
The following AI-102 exam dumps will give you an idea of the types of AI-102 questions that might appear in the final certification exam. These sample questions for Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-102) Certification will help you to assess your exam readiness.
Q1. Azure Machine Learning has been used to train a machine-learning model. How can you use the model to create your application?
a. Azure Machine Learning allows you to publish the model as web service.
b. Export the model as an cognitive service.
c. Your application must be built using the Azure Machine Learning Designer.
Q2. Q2. How do client applications gain access to a cognitive service endpoint?
a. The Azure resource subscription key must be provided by the application.
b. The Azure subscription requires that the user enter a username, and a password.
c. Anonymous users have default access to cognitive services.
Q3. Q3. You want to track how often your subscription keys for cognitive services resource are retrieved. How do you do that?
a. Renew the keys to your cognitive services resource.
b. Create an alert to your cognitive services resource.
c. Store keys in Azure Key Vault.
Q4. Q4. Your company wants to create an app that monitors reviews on your website and notifies you when there is a negative review. How do you achieve this?
a. To detect profanities in comments, use the Translator service
b. To analyze the sentiment of comments, use the Text Analytics service.
c. Use Text Analytics to extract named entities from comments.
Q5. Q5. How do you do that?
a. Specify a SpeechSynthesisOutputFormat enumeration in the SpeechConfig object.
b. Set the SpeechSynthesisVoiceName property of the SpeechConfig object to the desired voice name.
c. Specify the filename in AudioConfig object.
Q6. Q6.
b. AudioConfig
c. SpeechRecognizer
Q7. Q7.
a. As an intent.
b. As an utterance.
c. As an entity
Q8. Q8. How do you achieve this?
a. Active Learning is a way to increase the knowledge base.
b. You can also add another phrase to the question.
c. Add a prompt for a follow-up to the question.
Q9. Q9. How can you make it possible to provide customer support via chat and email?
a. Create a bot to chat with users. Send an automated reply to email and direct users to web chat.
b. A bot for email and a second bot to chat online.
c. Create one bot and send it via both email and web chat.
Q10. Q10. Which visual feature can you use to generate captions for images using the computer vision service?
a. Tags.
b. Description.
c. Category.
Here are the correct answers:
Explanation: Azure Machine Learning allows you to publish a trained model in a web service, and then consume it from applications using its REST interface.
Explanation: Subscription keys are required to gain access to cognitive services resources.
3. b
Explanation: By conf, you can be notified of events such as key access to your cognitive services resource.