Use the Slide Master to Be the PowerPoint Master

PowerPoint veterans are often able to learn the basics of PowerPoint on their own and can create beautiful presentations over time. Slide Master is one of the most important tools that many people don’t know about.
It is easy to see why some people avoid it. Although it looks like it has all the tools of your presentation editing views, you see this strange outline. Many students get lost in the slide master and become confused. They never touch it again. If you are able to use it correctly, you can save a lot time and make your presentations more effective. Both are likely to occur in most cases.

The slide master in action
Slide Master is the tool that gives your presentations a uniform look. Ever struggled to place your logo exactly the same way from slide to slide? No more. Do you ever wish that you could create your own slide layout templates. You can now.
Slide Master is just one tool in PowerPoint Part 2 that will transform your PowerPoint game. PowerPoint 2 is my favorite class. It’s the perfect combination of fun AND function.
Original text by Patrick Galligan, San Diego Applications Instructor
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