VMware: The Networking Revolution and Multi-Cloud Strategies. Mapping the Future

Rajiv Ramaswami (EVP and GM Networking and Security) has shared about how VMware NSX drives cloud networking for customers over the past several months. If Rajiv’s videos have been lost, you can still find the information in this review.
The Second Inning of a Nine Inch Game: NSX Use cases and the Networking Revolution
Software-defined networking is sweeping over more and more companies, including VMware, which is at the forefront. Rajiv says that today’s networking industry is becoming more fragmented than ever. It used to be able to build everything, from chips to systems to software and even services. But the situation is constantly changing.
Customers from all corners of the world are driving rapid adoption of NSX by VMware as a key enabler for the cloud. Three main use cases of NSX are emerging:
IT automation,
Disaster recovery
VMware’s vision of helping customers automate workloads in the cloud continues to be realized. This includes both VMware private cloud environments as well as containers and non-VMware hypervisors in private and public clouds. NSX can help protect these workloads regardless of where they are running.
VMware NSX is Critical for Multi-Cloud Strategies
Rajiv talks about some customers who use NSX for managing multiple public and private clouds. Rajiv says that NSX is being used by one of the biggest banks in the world to create large private clouds. Rajiv notes that they have these in production right now and are on a journey with us to expand NSX into a public cloud.
Rajiv also discusses the success of a smaller customer from the media industry who’s using NSX for aggregating multiple public clouds inherited from acquisitions. VMware NSX allows them to manage security and automation across two data centers with a single private cloud.
These customers also ensure consistency of policy between their data centers and their branch offices by extending NSX across all their sites.
The Future of VMware NSX
Rajiv said that they are always trying to solve customers’ problems. VMware recently acquired Arkin as part of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Arkin is a leader in software defined data center security operations.
Customers who deploy NSX share a common goal: to achieve two things. They want visibility into which applications are talking with which application in the data center. The second is ‘day two operations support’ after deployment.
VMware integrated Arkin in the vRealize (r) Automation(tm), giving the product a new name – VMware (r) vRealize[r] Network Insight(tm).
This acquisition will undoubtedly make a big impact on NSX and its customers. Rajiv says that NSX and vRealize Network Intelsight are a great combination. It allows them to see what’s in their data centers and provides visibility and operational support for deployments.

This recap was originally published on the VMware Education and Certification Blog.