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Let’s first understand what cloud computing is before we get into AWS. It is a service that provides all the resources you need to run your application smoothly. They only charge a minimal amount for usage. It’s simple. You can manage your application, and get the hardware required to maintain it from a third party vendor. You don’t need to spend money on hardware installation or the resources required for maintaining it. These tasks will be taken care of by cloud computing services. Amazon’s AWS is an example of such a service. AWs is also known as Amazon Web Services.
Cloud computing is a popular choice for customers from all industries. This allows them to focus on their business and not on the resources required to do so. AWS has been proven to be one the most efficient cloud computing services. AWS certifications are available for different levels of users, as many organizations have taken advantage of its benefits. AWS is so popular that it is almost unbelievable. IT professionals must be familiar with the technology in order to gain an edge over others.
Below are a few benefits:
Low cost: Many businesses can “pay as they use”, which will allow them to invest their funds in other areas.
Agility: Many organisations use agility to adapt to changing market conditions. Sometimes it may be lower than other times. AWS can be used immediately and we can change the usage as and where required. The payment is made according to the usage only.
Variety: There are many options available depending on the business’s needs.
Security: Data privacy is an important aspect of all organizations. Security is an essential aspect of any business. AWS has many data centers that are located in different locations. They are considered very reliable and secure.
Easy use: Signing up to AWS is easy, which reduces the effort required to analyse complex solutions. Although cloud computing can be complex, it is easy to use the services.
Reliability: AWS plans to minimize the impact of outages by installing different back-up servers in different geographic locations. This ensures that users suffer minimal or no downtime and is a major advantage to AWS. Imagine how much you would have to spend on maintaining servers and backups.
AWS offers many solutions, including websites, hosting enterprise IT apps, a variety of databases, and options for data storage.
AWS was first launched in 2006. Since then, AWS has evolved. With new features being added almost daily and the ease of use for different industries, AWS has gained more popularity. AWS addresses the major concerns of security and reliability.
AWS is the largest cloud provider and they offer many services on their website. Although there is a lot of information on their website, it is possible to get a free account for a few days to check out the available services and see how they would benefit your company. This allows new businesses to evaluate the potential of the services and make the best decision for their industry. It is very attractive for many businesses as it offers a monthly payment option and the payment is based on usage.
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