What are the Exams for a Novel PMP Exam Exam? Is it difficult? Is it worth taking the test?

PMP is the designation of project management professionals who have been certified. The Project Management Institute (PMI) initiated it. It strictly evaluates the knowledge and skills of project management professionals by granting certification exams. Its purpose is provide a standard industry standard for project managers. The American Project Management Association currently offers two certification exams: the PMP (Project Manager) exam and the CAPM (Project Management Assistant exam). There are more than 190 countries and regions that have established certification and examination institutions.
PMI China and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs launched ACP (AGILE Agile Certification), and PGMP [Program Management Certification]. The implementation of PBA (Business Analyst) is expected at the end of 2016. As society becomes more involved in project work, more people are interested in PMP certification. This will allow them to adapt to the industry’s development and gain more qualifications. What are the requirements for PMP certification? Is it easy to get this certification? We will then make this information available to everyone. We hope that this introduction will make it easier for everyone to take the exam.
What are the requirements for PMP certification? The Project Management Institute (PMI), which organizes the PMP certification exam, has been promoted in more that 190 countries and regions. It is currently the most valuable certification in project management. A PMP certificate will not only increase the project manager’s project management skills but will also reflect the project manager’s personal competitiveness. It is a symbol for the status of project management professionals.
Candidates must meet the requirements for the Project Management Institute (PMI) professional certification. This includes mastery of project management and relevant work experience. On the other hand, PMP certified professionals should continue to work on project Work to adapt to the demands of project management development.
Candidates must have at least 35 hours of experience in project management and should be able to cover the nine knowledge areas in the US project management system. We divide qualified candidates into two categories based on this: of the above requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Candidates must also have at least 4,500 hours of experience in project management within six years. The cumulative project management time must not exceed 6 months.
2.The second is for those without a bachelor’s or lower degree. Candidates must have at least 7,500 hours of experience in project management and a cumulative total of 60 months.
Many people ask this question before they get their PMP certification. Although the test is relatively easy due to the knowledge of the five main processes of PMP project management and ten knowledge areas, it requires some Western thinking.
The test uses objective multiple-choice questions. There are 200 questions in total, 25 of which are not included. Answer time: 9:00 – 13:00. This takes 4 hours. The pass line for freshmen who have signed up for the PMP exam will be 61% (25 of 200 multiple-choice question are randomly checked, which means that 106 questions are correctly answered). However, the qualification examinations of candidates will be very rigorous.
The verification is actually not difficult.