What are the functions of PMP certification? Is the PMP Exam difficult?

The US PMI, Project Management Institute organizes the PMI PMP exam. It is a project management professional certification exam. It is one of the most respected exams in the world and it is highly valued. It is essential for project managers to obtain the certificate. What are the functions of a PMP certificate? Is the PMP exam easy or not?
Individual PMP Certificate Value
1.By learning the content of the PMP certificate, candidates can learn the basic terms and relevant knowledge and skills used in project management. They will be able to demonstrate their skills as project managers under real-world conditions.

2. Certificate holders can communicate in a common language and have a complete understanding of how to analyze problems and provide solutions. They are able to better understand the thoughts and strategies of higher-ranking managers, which allows them to complete their work more efficiently. They can therefore get more opportunities, including promotions and salary increases.

The PMP certification holders in enterprises are also recognized. Companies often prioritize the recruitment of employees with PMP certificates. Some companies encourage their core employees and customers to take the PMP exam and be certified. Others offer project management training within their companies.

PMP certificate holders have access to a wide variety of employment opportunities. Due to the growing demand for PMP talents, PMP is already a high-salary occupation. According to the PMI report, the average annual salary for PMP certificate holders in China is 28245USD. Holders of PMP certificates for five years earn an average of 35815USD annually. This is significantly more than those who do not have a PMP certificate. The average annual salary for PMP certified holders is 16% more than those without.

The PMP certificate does not have to be limited to specific industries. It can be used in almost any field, including IT, finance, architecture and pharmacy. PMP can be used in any job, regardless of the type.
Is the PMP Exam difficult?
The global PMP exam is difficult and the pass rate for this exam is only 60%. However, 90% pass rate can be achieved in many domestic training institutions. This is all about how you approach the exam. Only by putting in enough effort can you pass the exam.

The official PMBOK textbook is the best book to start with if you are planning to take the PMP exam prep. It will teach you the basic thinking patterns and structure of project management. The PMP exam is only offered once a year. The exam can be taken in March, June or September. You can take the exam in English at any time of the year if you sign up. It is recommended to complete the training courses. This will improve the efficiency of review and the quality.

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