What AWS Offers to Mobile Developers at Re:Invent 2016

The re:Invent 2016 conference, held in Las Vegas by Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), generated a lot of developer-related news, which may seem overwhelming.
We’ve narrowed down the highlights of mobile development tools and services that are of particular interest to mobile coders, as mobile development is one the most hot topics in the dev community.
Here’s the complete roundup:
AWS Mobile Hub
The company announced improvements to AWS Mobile Hub. This provides back-end functionality for mobile applications such as user authentication, data storage, push notifications, content delivery, analytics, and user authentication.
The tool received new user management capabilities and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration. We covered back-end services in detail because they are so important for mobile developers in so many ways.
Amazon Lex Integration
The integration with Amazon Lex is not covered in the aforementioned article. This product allows developers to build conversational interfaces in their apps (think chatbots). Mobile Hub developers can easily access this cutting-edge technology by connecting to the Lex service.
AWS stated in a blog post that “This allows you to use the technology which powers Amazon Alexa in order to create engaging speech and text-based conversational robots in your own application.” “Every bot you create with Mobile Hub uses Amazon Lex in order to recognize the intent and trigger the appropriate business functions.”
Amazon Pinpoint
This new mobile app analytics service leverages push notifications to drive engagement. Amazon Pinpoint is a mobile app analytics service that helps you understand user behavior, target users, decide which messages to send, schedule delivery times, and track the results of your campaign,” the company stated in a blog post.
This tool can be used with the Mobile Hub. Pinpoint is available in the AWS Mobile SDK. It can be used for both iOS development and Android development.
Once developers have analyzed the data and gathered business insights, they can create push notifications as part a campaign to improve user service and keep them engaged with their apps.
AWS stated that targeted push notifications based upon app usage trends and user behaviour have become a popular method for mobile app user engagement. Response rates are often many times higher than traditional email marketing campaigns. Targeted push notifications can improve message relevance and effectiveness, increase engagement, and continuously improve your campaigns.
This tool allows developers to create audience segments for customizing push notification campaigns. Notifications can be scheduled for either one-time or recurring campaigns.
The tool then provides app metrics that developers can use to determine the success of their push notifications campaigns, such as the number and revenue generated by the campaign. The company stated that you can export the event data and run custom analytics with your existing analytics tools. Pinpoint can help you A/B-test different messages, track results and then send the best message possible to your target segment.
You can find pricing details here.
Kony Visualizer Integration
Mobile dev firm Kony Inc. announced that its Kony Visualizer tool was now integrated with AWS at the reInvent conference, even though it wasn’t directly from AWS.
Kony stated that this will help developers “further simplify the building of mobile apps on AWS cloud by providing preintegrated support for AWS Mobile SDK and built-in support for it.”