What is Amazon GuardDuty?

It is difficult and essential to monitor the infrastructure and identify the threats in the cloud. To detect and protect the infrastructure and workloads from threats, you will need additional software and security infrastructure, including sensors, agents, appliances, and sensors. It is necessary to collect and analyze huge amounts of data in order to set up security controls across all accounts. It detects threats accurately, prioritizes them and responds to alarms without interrupting business flow.

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This process has been difficult in the past and requires considerable expertise, time and expense. Amazon GuardDuty, an intelligent threat detection service, is the best service to protect AWS accounts and workloads. This blog provides a basic overview of Amazon GuardDuty.
What is Amazon GuardDuty?
Amazon GuardDuty, a threat intelligence detection system, continuously monitors and seamlessly protects AWS accounts. GuardDuty provides detailed alerts that help prioritize and resolve threats by combining machine learning, integrated threat intelligence, and anomaly detection across multiple AWS data sources. It also provides immediate detection techniques that allow you to respond quicker.
GuardDuty is easy to set up and run, without the need to deploy or manage software. There is no risk of affecting AWS accounts. It can optimize cloud performance and scale data, and it can collect all AWS accounts through centralized security accounts.
GuardDuty Features
Amazon GuardDuty has the following features:
Amazon GuardDuty is simple to enable and supports multiple AWS account with one-click deployment.
It provides continuous monitoring and analysis of AWS Cloud accounts and workloads.
It provides highly available threat intelligence that automatically manages resource utilization based on activity levels of AWS accounts, workloads and data stored in Amazon.
GuardDuty has an in-built detection technology that was developed in the cloud and optimized by it.
It supports automated threat response for all security findings.
It detects all signs of compromised accounts in AWS and provides accurate account-level threat detection.
It allows central management of all existing and new accounts.
It indicates malicious activity that has compromised the account and offers three severity levels of possible threats (Low to Medium to High).

How does Amazon GuardDuty function?
Amazon GuardDuty is an automatic threat detection service that monitors AWS workloads and accounts to detect suspicious activity. It also provides detailed security insights reports by identifying each threat and determining the severity to be remedied.

1. Amazon GuardDuty: First, enable Amazon GuardDuty on all accounts that you use to monitor security threats.
2. Get sample findings and learn about basic operations. Amazon GuardDuty generates a report on the security threats identified. This allows you to investigate and respond.
3. Configure GuardDuty finds export to an S3 bucketConfigure Amazon GuardDuty and export them to the bucket for unlimited storage. It helps to monitor and maintain security threats within the infrastructure.
4. Amazon GuardDuty alerts for finding by SNSAmazon GuardDuty allows the Amazon EventBridge to be set up. This connects the results with the Amazon Simple Notification Service, (SNS) and provides automatic responses.
Amazon GuardDuty: Benefits
The following are the benefits of using Amazon GuardDuty:*Centralized ManagementIt allows all AWS accounts into a single GuardDuty administrator account for ease and management.
*Integrated Threat IdentificationGuardDuty has in-built in