What is the connection between cloud computing and virtualization?

Virtualization and cloud computing are often confused. This misconception is common among many people regarding both these technologies. Although cloud computing and virtualization may seem similar, they are quite different.
Virtualization can be described as running operating systems, software and other applications on virtual computer resources such as servers in a downtown Los Angeles data center. Virtualization can also refer the number of partitions on one disk drive. Multiple partitions transform the hard drive into multiple virtual hard drives.
Cloud computing is a service that allows you to access virtualization software and hardware. Cloud computing is required to connect via the internet to remote data centers or providers offering virtualization solutions.
Citrix, one such application, can be used for connecting to the cloud or virtual environments. Citrix products are among the most popular in the mobile workplace solutions segment. They include a variety of technologies. New Horizons Learning Group provides Citrix training and certification courses, and can help you prepare for Citrix certification exams.
VMware is another popular software used by businesses. VMware is a virtualization tool that allows you to deploy your applications in virtual environments. Employees who have completed VMware training are valuable resources for businesses to take advantage modern technologies. VMware training can provide the foundation for IT professionals.
Citrix and VMware are closely related just like Cloud computing, virtualization, and other technologies. Contact New Horizons Learning at 1-888-825-66684 for more information on Citrix and VMware training courses and certifications.