What is the Exam Time for Cisco CCNA?

Test time: 140 minutes.

Number of questions: 50-60

Score: 825

Exam Questions: Multiple-choice Questions, Simulation Questions, Dragging Questions, Dragging Questions.

The new certification version includes:

1. Validity of CCNA Certification

The validity period for CCNA Certificates is three years. To keep your certificate valid, you must pass the re-certification exam before it expires. The validity period for CCNA Certification will automatically be extended if you achieve a higher level Cisco Certification within three year.

2. CCNA Recertification Test (you may pass one of the CCNP Exams instead.

You must pass the exam of 642-825 before the validity period ends. You can also take courses prefixed with 642-XXX.

Extended Data

The CCNA covers the following aspects:

1. LAN Part: Basic knowledge of Network Interconnection, Network Reference Model, introduction Cisco Routers & Switches, configuration of Static & Dynamic Routing Protocols (including RIP and EIGRP and OSPF), Routing between VLANs and VLANs, usage of CDP and VTP Protocols, Wireless Network Interconnection, and IPv6 etc.

2. Wan Part: Wan Access Technology and usage of Frame Relay and PPP, etc.

3. Network Security Part: Introduction to Network Security, use of Access Control List, and implementation of Secure Telecommuting.

Reference Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cisco CCNA

Hello! The exam takes approximately two hours. What type of questions are on the CCNA Exam? How can you prepare?

The CCNA test code for 640-802 is The test takes 140 minutes. The score total is 1000 points. The pass score is 825. The most recent version of the question bank is V104.4.

Exam Questions: Multiple-choice Questions. Drawing Questions. Experimental Questions. Currently, there are 48 questions in the exam. There are three required experimental questions and one to three questions for the Drawing Questions. Sometimes there are no Drawing Questions. The rest are multiple-choice questions.

(1) Multiple-choice Questions refer to the original questions in the question banks. The description of question stems, options, and their order will remain the same as in the question bank.

(2) Dragging Questions: Drag the IP address from the left to the appropriate position in the figure to the right. During the exam, the IP address will change. The question type is the same. It is important to understand the question bank.

(3) Three Experimental Questions are all that are required. These three questions were given the name “EIGRP ACL” because the question type and test site are the same, but the experimental data will be different.

(4) Score: There is no score for every question on the CCNA Exam. The lowest score is 300 points. You also get 300 points if you don’t answer any question. Multiple-choice questions and drawing questions are worth 13 to 14 points each, while three experimental questions are worth 150 points.

What does exam time mean? Your appointment will determine the exam time for Cisco CCNA. The exam time is not fixed. The time limit for Cisco CCNA Exam is 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is divided into Dragging Questions and Experimental Questions. Multiple-choice Questions are also included. On the SPOTO official website, you will find general knowledge explanations and a question bank for CCNA. If you have the time, you can find out more about it.

The test takes approximately an hour and a quarter. If you are familiar with the questions bank, most people can complete it in an hour.

The test takes 90 minutes and the number of tests is 640-802.