What’s new in ITIL v4

ITIL V4, which is the latest version of the most popular ITSM framework in the world, was released February 2019. The new ITIL update was announced nearly two years ago at the itSMF USA Fusion 2017 conference. It focuses on integrating ITIL guidelines with best practices from DevOps and Agile. ITIL V4 was created by more than 150 industry experts, writers, and contributors. A newITIL Development group of over 2000 members represents many of the largest companies in the world.
ITILis the industry standard in ITSM best practices. It focuses on aligning the business’ needs with IT services.
ITIL’s relationship with the ITSM community, and its inability to keep up with current trends in software development, and IT operations, are two of its biggest flaws. ITIL V4 addresses these issues by making the update community-driven and identifying Agile and DevOps as key focus areas for integration to traditional ITIL best practices. ITIL V4 also suggests best practices for services management in the context of emerging trends like the cloud.
ITIL 4 is a major overhaul. It provides an agile, flexible, and customizable ITIL that can be used in the ever-changing workplace. ITIL 4 addresses unique challenges like cloud computing and increasing cyberattacks. It encourages collaboration and communication and provides a more efficient and effective IT services management strategy.
ITIL 4 offers many benefits over the previous edition. However, ITIL 3 certifications are still valid. ITIL 4 is the best option if you want to get into the IT service management field or maintain your skills.

Information Source:Stephen [email protected]