How do I accumulate PDUs for PMP Certification Renewal

The PMP certification has a validity period of three years. To maintain the validity of their certificate, certificate holders must renew their PMP certification every three years. Today we will discuss why PMP certification renewal is important, what the requirements are, and how to accumulate PDUs. This information can be used as a guide.
The 2021 Purpose of PMP Certification
The PMI PMP certification is a benchmark for project management development activities. It encourages and recognizes individual achievements in study. Re-certification is possible to maintain the PMP certification as an internationally recognized certification. PMI, Project Management Institute has created a complete set Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). To maintain credit for the certificate, each certificate holder must accumulate at least 60 PDUs. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit.
The requirements for PMP re-certification in 2021
1. Within three years of the date you took the PMP exam, acquire at least 60 PDUs.

2. PMI 150USD maintenance fee to maintain PMP certification validity.

3. Promise that you will uphold the ethics of project management.

Not an annual fee. The fee you pay for the continual management of the next certification cycle is only if your certificate is still valid.
The 2021 Approach to Accumulating PDUs
1.Project management courses at colleges and universities
You will need to provide proof of your passing result by submitting a report card or a report.

2. Whether you are looking for work or self-study
As proofs, you will need to submit activity notes, records, or reading materials with dates. In each CCR cycle, you cannot earn more than 15 PDUs by self-study.

3. PMI Registered Education Providers offers training
Proofs: Study registration forms, relevant proof letters and so forth.

4. Non-PMI Registered Education Providers are responsible for establishing educational activities
Proofs: Study registration forms, relevant proof letters and study materials. Descriptions of project management knowledge, process groups, and the professional level of lecturers involved.

5. Professional organizations and social groups can launch volunteer activities.
Proofs: Letters and certifications that prove you are serving the organization.

It is recommended that you join a professional training institution before you begin taking the PMP exam prep. Online courses and training can help you learn PMI PMP exam content in a more systematic and scientific way. A credible institution offers opportunities to earn PDUs.

SPOTO students said it is a reliable institution that offers PMP certification training and detailed explanations about each chapter of PMBOK. SPOTO is a training institution that has a lot of educational experience. SPOTO has strong faculty and learning resources. To help you understand project management, you can follow the teacher’s study plan and ask questions in groups. The institution has a high pass rate for the PMP exam. After completing our course, you can join the SPOTO activities to earn PDUs. This can help you save time and money.


The Common Testing Aspects for the PMP Exam

Delphi techniques: Delphi techniques allow experts to come together and reach a consensus. Anonymous participation was possible from project experts. The organizers used questionnaires for opinions on key project issues. They then summarized the answers and gave the results back to experts for further comment. After several rounds of this process, it is possible to reach an agreement. The Delphi technology reduces data bias and prevents anyone from unduly influencing results. A few key words: expert. Anonymous. Multiple rounds. Convergence.

Sensitivity analysis: This helps to identify the risks that could have the greatest impact on the project. It helps to understand how changes to project goals relate with changes in uncertainties. All other uncertainties must be fixed to baseline values. Then you can see how each factor affects the goal. A tornado map is one example of sensitivity analysis.

Monte Carlo simulation is the process of simulating hundreds possible outcomes based upon the probability distributions of cost and schedule for one task and then applying these results at the project level to generate a probability distribution.

RACI: A common matrix of responsibility that uses terms like executive, responsible, advisory and informed to describe the state of stakeholder participation in project activities.

Rolling planning: A method of iterative planning in which the work that will be done in the near future is planned in detail, and the work that will be done long-term is planned roughly.

Trend analysis: Analyze changes in project performance over time. This will help you determine if performance is improving or declining. Graphic analysis techniques allow you to analyze current performance and compare it to future targets (expressed in terms of completion dates).

Analysis of expected monetary value: A statistical technique that calculates an average result for certain future events. Commonly used in decision tree analysis.

The five stages of teambuilding:

Formation stage. This stage is where team members get to know one another and learn about the project. They also learn about their formal roles and responsibilities within it. The team members tend to be more independent than one another and not always open up.

The oscillating phase. The team begins working on the project, making technical decision and discussing the project management strategy. If team members are not open to other points of view and opinions, it can lead to a negative team environment.

The specification phase. The specification phase is where team members start to work together, adjust their work habits and behavior to support the team, as well as build trust among each other.

Maturity stage. This stage is when the team functions as an organized unit. To solve problems efficiently and smoothly, team members depend on each other.

Phase of dissolution. The dissolution phase is when the team finishes all work and team members depart the project. After the project is completed, people are usually released and teams are disbanded. You can also disband the team at the end of a phase or project (see Section 4.6).


What is the PMP? Why is the PMP Test so Popular?

A saying says that you cannot achieve anything without standards or norms. You will not succeed if you don’t have a system to guide you.

1. It may be difficult to get through if there is a small skirmish or a small case.

2. If you have experience with large-scale cases it is possible to overcome problems easily. If the problem is new and there isn’t a systematic way to solve it, it will be chaotic.

The PMP can help improve management skills so that daily work can be done with ease. You will feel calm and relaxed in the face of chaos and panic with some theoretical guidance.

What is the PMP exactly?

The PMP certification is a professional qualification in project management. It is a remarkable statement to say that PMP certification can work in any industry or for any individual.

From the Perspective of Career Planning
You may be an assistant to a project manager right now, but a soldier who doesn’t want to be a general will not make a good soldier. Perhaps you have always wanted to be project manager.

If you are studying PMP, you will have a solid understanding of the theory of project management. This will allow you to be more calm and able to face any problems in the workplace. You will quickly learn from your predecessors how they solved problems. This will make you more effective at your job than other new hires. The theory must be used to help you absorb and understand the experiences of others.

The PMP is your powerful tool if you want to manage projects!

From the perspective of personal management:
You are making the wrong assumption that PMP is for project managers only.

PMP is an internationally recognized course that can be used in all areas of management. It is applicable to all aspects of personal management, not just work. To guide your daily life, you can use PMP for cost management, time management, and risk management.

The PMP is your guidebook if you want to live a more fulfilling life.

From the Perspective of Expanding Contacts & Communication:
Perhaps you are tired of work and bored of life. You want to improve your self-esteem and are eager to learn more. It is clear that a course that benefits your life and your work is the best choice.

I believe that choosing PMP will expand your knowledge and add an additional value to your interpersonal skills. You can meet management talent from different fields by applying for PMP. You can communicate and learn from one another. You can solve and understand problems. You have stepped outside your small circle and your abilities have increased. Your life has been enriching.

Register for PMP to expand your network and relieve your pressure.

I have already explained why so many people apply to the PMP exam. We all seem to understand. How do you register for the PMP exam?

The latest PMI regulations require that the PMP examination be completed in a training program approved by PMI. This training program must have at least 35 hours of training before the exam can be taken. The selection of a senior, qualified training school is a priority. SPOTO was founded in 2003 and has been teaching the PMP since 2003. There are excellent teachers to help you study and prepare for your exam.


Five Points About the Difficult Keys and Points of the PMP Exam

Many people will find the PMP exam difficult. The PMP exam covers many topics, making it a comprehensive exam. Some people believe it’s easy to review the course content for the exam.

What are the challenges and the easy points of the PMP exam, then? Let’s now examine it together.

Points that make PMP difficult
Multiple disciplines are involved in the PMP exam. The PMP exam covers more than just the concepts and processes involved in project management. It also includes the following disciplines:

1. Management: Project management is one branch of management. It cannot be separated from the general concepts of management such as organizational theory, management process, organizational behavior, leadership style, and organizational form.

2. Business communication: PMI believes communication is the most important skill of a project manager. Through effective communication, he must be able to integrate various stakeholders and resolve conflicts of interest. Project management communication cannot be separated from the concepts and knowledge of business communication.

3. Human resource management: People are the most important resource for project management. The project’s human resource management is unique, but it cannot be separated from the commonality of the general human resources such as staff recruitment, staff appraisal, staff training, team building, and staff post arrangement.

4. Operations research: Project schedule management should have a working knowledge of operations research. This includes the preparation and optimization network plans, resource allocation, and so on.

5. Financial accounting: This knowledge will be used to manage project costs, such as cost estimation, budget, cost classification, cashflow control, cost control, and depreciation.

6. Risk management: Each project is unique, which means that every project comes with its own risk. Project management risks use many concepts and knowledge from general risk management, including probabilistic techniques, decision trees, expected monetary values, and decision trees. Risk identification, risk causes, and consequences analysis, as well as risk countermeasures are all part of the project management risk management process.

7. Probability theory and mathematics statistics: It is important to have a good understanding of probability theory and mathematic statistics in order to manage the project’s progress, cost, and quality.

8. Total quality management: Project management is interrelated to the idea, technology and method of total quality management.

9. Contract management: Many projects require that some work be outsourced rather than being done by the project team. A good part of project management knowledge is also a general knowledge of contract management.

Project managers must be “generalists” in order to fulfill the requirements of project management. Candidates face a difficult task in obtaining project management skills that allow them to work with multidisciplinary talents.

PMP Easy Points

1. The question type is very simple. They all have a single choice.

2. The PMP exam covers many subjects, but not all knowledge is sufficient. The examinee wants to be able to grasp a few key concepts.

3. The calculation questions are easy. The majority of the PMP calculation questions for Chinese examinees are simple and must be 100% correct.

4. The vast majority of knowledge points come from PMBOK guidelines. This accounts for approximately 70% of all knowledge points.

5. There will be enough time to answer 200 questions in 4 hours and 1 minute 12 seconds for each one.

Let’s sum it up: despite the vastness of the subjects, we can still succeed.


What are the functions of PMP certification? Is the PMP Exam difficult?

The US PMI, Project Management Institute organizes the PMI PMP exam. It is a project management professional certification exam. It is one of the most respected exams in the world and it is highly valued. It is essential for project managers to obtain the certificate. What are the functions of a PMP certificate? Is the PMP exam easy or not?
Individual PMP Certificate Value
1.By learning the content of the PMP certificate, candidates can learn the basic terms and relevant knowledge and skills used in project management. They will be able to demonstrate their skills as project managers under real-world conditions.

2. Certificate holders can communicate in a common language and have a complete understanding of how to analyze problems and provide solutions. They are able to better understand the thoughts and strategies of higher-ranking managers, which allows them to complete their work more efficiently. They can therefore get more opportunities, including promotions and salary increases.

The PMP certification holders in enterprises are also recognized. Companies often prioritize the recruitment of employees with PMP certificates. Some companies encourage their core employees and customers to take the PMP exam and be certified. Others offer project management training within their companies.

PMP certificate holders have access to a wide variety of employment opportunities. Due to the growing demand for PMP talents, PMP is already a high-salary occupation. According to the PMI report, the average annual salary for PMP certificate holders in China is 28245USD. Holders of PMP certificates for five years earn an average of 35815USD annually. This is significantly more than those who do not have a PMP certificate. The average annual salary for PMP certified holders is 16% more than those without.

The PMP certificate does not have to be limited to specific industries. It can be used in almost any field, including IT, finance, architecture and pharmacy. PMP can be used in any job, regardless of the type.
Is the PMP Exam difficult?
The global PMP exam is difficult and the pass rate for this exam is only 60%. However, 90% pass rate can be achieved in many domestic training institutions. This is all about how you approach the exam. Only by putting in enough effort can you pass the exam.

The official PMBOK textbook is the best book to start with if you are planning to take the PMP exam prep. It will teach you the basic thinking patterns and structure of project management. The PMP exam is only offered once a year. The exam can be taken in March, June or September. You can take the exam in English at any time of the year if you sign up. It is recommended to complete the training courses. This will improve the efficiency of review and the quality.

SPOTO is a trusted PMP training institution. SPOTO’s official website is where you can find a complete set PMP exam questions as well as systematic training. You will find many other partners who are working towards the same goal.


What is the connection between cloud computing and virtualization?

Virtualization and cloud computing are often confused. This misconception is common among many people regarding both these technologies. Although cloud computing and virtualization may seem similar, they are quite different.
Virtualization can be described as running operating systems, software and other applications on virtual computer resources such as servers in a downtown Los Angeles data center. Virtualization can also refer the number of partitions on one disk drive. Multiple partitions transform the hard drive into multiple virtual hard drives.
Cloud computing is a service that allows you to access virtualization software and hardware. Cloud computing is required to connect via the internet to remote data centers or providers offering virtualization solutions.
Citrix, one such application, can be used for connecting to the cloud or virtual environments. Citrix products are among the most popular in the mobile workplace solutions segment. They include a variety of technologies. New Horizons Learning Group provides Citrix training and certification courses, and can help you prepare for Citrix certification exams.
VMware is another popular software used by businesses. VMware is a virtualization tool that allows you to deploy your applications in virtual environments. Employees who have completed VMware training are valuable resources for businesses to take advantage modern technologies. VMware training can provide the foundation for IT professionals.
Citrix and VMware are closely related just like Cloud computing, virtualization, and other technologies. Contact New Horizons Learning at 1-888-825-66684 for more information on Citrix and VMware training courses and certifications.


What’s new in ITIL v4

ITIL V4, which is the latest version of the most popular ITSM framework in the world, was released February 2019. The new ITIL update was announced nearly two years ago at the itSMF USA Fusion 2017 conference. It focuses on integrating ITIL guidelines with best practices from DevOps and Agile. ITIL V4 was created by more than 150 industry experts, writers, and contributors. A newITIL Development group of over 2000 members represents many of the largest companies in the world.
ITILis the industry standard in ITSM best practices. It focuses on aligning the business’ needs with IT services.
ITIL’s relationship with the ITSM community, and its inability to keep up with current trends in software development, and IT operations, are two of its biggest flaws. ITIL V4 addresses these issues by making the update community-driven and identifying Agile and DevOps as key focus areas for integration to traditional ITIL best practices. ITIL V4 also suggests best practices for services management in the context of emerging trends like the cloud.
ITIL 4 is a major overhaul. It provides an agile, flexible, and customizable ITIL that can be used in the ever-changing workplace. ITIL 4 addresses unique challenges like cloud computing and increasing cyberattacks. It encourages collaboration and communication and provides a more efficient and effective IT services management strategy.
ITIL 4 offers many benefits over the previous edition. However, ITIL 3 certifications are still valid. ITIL 4 is the best option if you want to get into the IT service management field or maintain your skills.

Information Source:Stephen [email protected]


San Diego will soon be home to the VMUG

VMUG is coming soon to San Diego! VMUG, also known by its acronym, the VMware User Group, was established to maximize VMware and partner solutions use by members through knowledge sharing, training and collaboration. They are the largest virtualization user group with over 100,000 members around the world.
VMUG events are intended to connect, network and lead industry professionals. Partnering with VMUG gives you the unique opportunity to reach out to VMware customers and gain valuable brand awareness. Make sure that your company and solutions are represented at the VMUG UserCons in San Diego this year!
Keynotes include Mike Laverick, EVO-RAIL team with VMware, and Simone Brunozzi (VP and Chief Technologist at VMware Inc).
Click here for more information and to register. This event will take place at the Marriott Marquis San Diego from 8:15am-5.45pm.
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Use the Slide Master to Be the PowerPoint Master

PowerPoint veterans are often able to learn the basics of PowerPoint on their own and can create beautiful presentations over time. Slide Master is one of the most important tools that many people don’t know about.
It is easy to see why some people avoid it. Although it looks like it has all the tools of your presentation editing views, you see this strange outline. Many students get lost in the slide master and become confused. They never touch it again. If you are able to use it correctly, you can save a lot time and make your presentations more effective. Both are likely to occur in most cases.

The slide master in action
Slide Master is the tool that gives your presentations a uniform look. Ever struggled to place your logo exactly the same way from slide to slide? No more. Do you ever wish that you could create your own slide layout templates. You can now.
Slide Master is just one tool in PowerPoint Part 2 that will transform your PowerPoint game. PowerPoint 2 is my favorite class. It’s the perfect combination of fun AND function.
Original text by Patrick Galligan, San Diego Applications Instructor
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