Is Cisco CCIE Data Center Worth Testing? CCIE EI Course Now Online

DC Data Center is for people who have the basic CCIE certificate, which is a high-paid employment certificate.
Many people find it a worthwhile question, as CCIE data center can be very difficult for newcomers. Students who are new to CCNA routing or switching are considered newcomers. Students who have studied RS will know that the theoretical knowledge of RS is the basis for a data center. The fundamental knowledge of RS is essential to be able to effectively learn the technical and theoretical knowledge required for data center operations. Many students who have passed RS CCIE are primarily interested in data center. There are many goals for CCIE security. They expand their knowledge of RS when they learn more about the datacenter. Although it is difficult to learn, they can learn it quickly because they are familiarized with the protocol terms used within the underlying network architecture. Students who are interested in learning about the data center should supplement their RS knowledge. It is easier for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge of CCIE Data Center. Cisco’s data center is well worth the examination. Cisco will also update its certification architecture next, and the updated technology, which includes programming knowledge, will be added to CCIE’s data center.
I am also taking the SPOTO PY course right now because I want to be able to grasp these skills quickly, as opportunities don’t wait. I am able to seize opportunities whenever they arise. This sentence is not misleading. It is too competitive. You can only keep trying! For those who are passionate about technology, Cisco’s data center technology is a must-see. Vxlan, OSPF, and BGP with RS in the connection of datacenter architecture, virtual POOD, and remote Leaf between architectures will not only gain the most current knowledge but also expand their knowledge in RS. BGP is an example. Data center automation and orchestration uses scripts to perform data center tasks. RESTful API can be used to create, modify, delete, update, deploy, and modify configurations. It also allows you to collect statistics and data. Another option is to use tools that automate and orchestrate data centers, such as DCNM, UCSD etc. Although I don’t have a lot of knowledge about data center technology, I do know some technologies that are appealing to me and have studied some.
I was astonished to see automation. I assumed that the RS certification I had earned would be obsolete, as EI is soon to be launched. EI’s most significant feature is the launch SD-WAN, DNA and PY, which are all the latest knowledge. It is also the best chance for SPOTO to break through. The instructor’s multi-year PY course is linked to his favorite Cisco technology, which is undoubtedly a solid foundation for the launch SPOTO’s new EI course. SPOTO has just announced its new EI course. It is available for students who are interested on the official website. Students interested in EI technology next school year should be aware of it as it is different than other years. If you are a recent graduate looking for work, It’s even more important if you are a recent graduate looking for a job. The interview is not about your certificate or your face. It’s about the technical and theoretical knowledge you have in your brain.


Five Misunderstandings About Cisco CCIE

Because of its reputation and popularity, Cisco CCIE Certification has been referred to as the doctoral degree for network elites. This certification is for network professionals who have at least three to five years of experience in Cisco network technology.

There are many myths about this certification due to the difficulty of the test. These are five common misconceptions about Cisco CCIE Certification. These misunderstandings will be addressed in this article.

Misunderstanding 1 – You can’t pass CCIE Lab Test

While many people fail the Lab Test, it is not impossible to pass. Many apprentices gave up on CCIE Certification after failing the Lab Test. It is not advisable to spread such ideas. However, “sympathy” is that many others have experienced the same thing, making this misunderstanding even more common. It is clear that CCIE Exam success requires a lot planning. You will need to create a study plan, participate in training exercises, demonstrate strong test taking strategies, and manage your time effectively.

Misunderstanding 2 – CCIE is still worthless

This might seem like a stupid idea. Although many professionals have received CCIE Certification, it does not diminish the value of CCIE certification. Its value has actually increased. It is worth considering. You will be able to hold the titles of Senior Network Engineer or Network Architect, Processing Plan Architect, Senior Systems Engineer, Manager, and Network Architect if you have obtained CCIE Routing & Switching Certification. The importance of the titles “Senior”, “Manager” must be recognized. Your salary is another indicator of the value and importance of CCIE. You might be able to ask for a higher salary in the IT industry if you have CCIE Certification. Based on their experience, a senior employee with CCIE Routing & Switching Certification Certificate could earn between USD 60,048 to USD 168,860 annually, according to the salary comparison of CCIE Students.

Misunderstanding 3: You must understand all before you can pass the CCIE Certification Exam

There is no one way to get CCIE Certification. It is not wise to say that there is only one way to get CCIE Certification. Each person learns differently. Some apprentices prefer to use books, while others prefer video training. Every apprentice must be certain that the learning and practice methods they choose are right for them. Senior CCIE Lecturer reminds that all learners who wish to earn CCIE Certification must practice as much as they can to gain experience. It is not necessary to be afraid of the Lab. For systematic learning, you might also consider Cisco VIRL Network Simulation Platform and 24-hour Real Machine Laboratory.

Misunderstanding 4 – Invigilators don’t treat everyone equally

This is another lie that test takers tell. Invigilators are trained to help candidates with equipment problems and prevent fraud. However, fraud cannot destroy the authentication process.

Misunderstanding 5 – There is no youth required to get CCIE Certification

Ordinary people can only practice their promises in the laboratory for 500 to 700 hours. This requires perseverance. Only elites can persevere with their dreams, but that does not mean you cannot spend time with your family and friends. It is important to set a schedule. It should include time to relax after training, such watching movies or visiting online cafes.


Cisco CCIE Exam (Enterprise Infrastructure), Covers the Following Contents, Which Must be Mastered

Mr. Zhou teaches the entire course of Cisco CCIE training for EI CCIE Certification Exam. For the course outline, please contact Customer Service.

It’s 2020 in a flash. It is getting closer to the update of Cisco Certification System. Many students who are preparing for the exam are nervous. Due to the busy Spring Festival, typing the version may take longer. However, I recommend that students who are going to take the exam stick to the format. The exam will be easy if you are familiar enough with the version. Let’s get on it! !

Students who are awaiting Cisco’s Update should not begin to prepare for it. EI is based on RS, so most of the content is from RS. It won’t affect your learning because many students have already learned most of it in SPOTO and now have the new contents in EI. While you don’t have to be faster than others, it is not necessary to do so. However, it is important to take your time and learn as much as possible. It is because they are able to squeeze more time together that a small percentage of students who study together at the beginning can rank in the top. Learning EI is not about talent. You can reach a high-level if you work hard. Officially, EI is divided into five parts: 1. Network Infrastructure, 2. Software Defined Infrastructure, 3. Transportation Technology and Solutions, 4. Services and infrastructure security, 5. Automation and programming for infrastructure. The outline shows the content of Software Defined Infrastructure and Automation. These are the main focus of EI. Other high-level protocols in Network Infrastructure such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, and OSPF are also important.

Software Defined Infrastructure, which includes Cisco SD Access, and Cisco SD-WAN, accounts for 25% of the outline. This part can be learned if you have a solid foundation. I have the Cisco CCIE Certification of RS. However, I feel my technology is not sufficient. I have been looking at the contents of advanced protocols such as DNA or Automation. I need to sign up again and learn more. Owning it is the best way to invest in yourself. We can see the power of the technology and can also make friends with like-minded students and supervise and encourage one another. The basic part of the network is the content of Layer-2 Switches and Multi-layer Switches. Routing Protocols, MPLS and some common security protocols like IPSec are also important. Automation and Programming is the last. The Python tutorial is a great resource for students with a poor programming foundation. It explains network programming in detail. Programming efficiency is greatly enhanced by having a good understanding of the network. Another way to understand the network is to make progress for yourself. You can also add Python skills to your job search. Get out there!


How to Pass Cisco CCNA Exam Fastly

CCNA is the primary technical certification in the field of network operations. CCNA will prove that you have met the required network knowledge and operating skills and have certain advantages during the interview. Students who wish to work in the network industry must pass the CCNA Exam. I passed CCNA in the early stages with a score of 1000. Let me share my personal experience. It will be combined with my work experience to make it more understandable.

[Familiarize yourself with the Chinese Learning Guide]
The original textbook of CCNA was written in English. It is still difficult to read English textbooks. Chinese textbooks can be used to learn. There are two authoritative presses in China for Cisco Certification. It is sufficient to purchase one of these study guides. ( Of course, you can also purchase textbooks from both presses simultaneously to learn. For students who don’t have a foundation, reading can be difficult at the beginning. You need to persevere at this stage. Read what you understand. It will become easy to comprehend if you read it three or five times.

[Learning Point – Network Foundation]
The most important thing about learning CCNA is to master network foundation. Other Routing Protocols can be forgotten if they aren’t used for a long period of time. Only basic network knowledge will last a lifetime. We should be more attentive to remember the definitions of the 3-layer and 7-layer models, as well as the relationship between them. These are important questions that will be asked during interviews.

[Learning Point – TCP / IP Protocol & Sub-net Division]
Understanding TCP / IP Protocol is important as well. This is an integral part of our daily lives. Our most commonly used routers, switches, and servers all have the same positions in this protocol. TCP / IP Protocol is also useful in troubleshooting. Sub-net division can be difficult to grasp for beginners. You will find the necessary problem-solving skills in textbooks. They can make many contacts and be able to master them all. It is also useful to know Sub-net Division. Sub-net Division is essential for me to be able to assign IP Network Segments customers to the computer room.

[Learning Point – Routing Protocol]
The Routing Protocol of Cisco CCNA introduces the configuration methods of RIP and EIGRP as well as OSPF. These knowledge are not necessary if you don’t work in large computer rooms or contribute to the maintenance or construction of large networks. However, they will be useful for building large networks.

[Learning Point – Experiment]
CCNA experiments are simpler than the later CCNP ones, so an Experiment Guide and Simulator will help you to master them. You will need to do more experiments and master routing configuration commands. This is basically the ability to enter commands line by line without thinking. Because network maintenance takes up most of the time, you will need to configure the router quickly.

[End Point-Question Bank]
Chinese students are the best at the test. Most students can pass the test easily if there is a question bank for CCNA Test. The question bank is in English so you might need to consult the dictionary before you start learning the questions. Once you can recite the question banks, it is time to take the exam. I believe you can score full marks.

[Something Else]
For students without a foundation, it is possible to take part in the training class. The training class can be re-listened free of charge and can be listened to several times. Every time you listen to it, you will improve. It is also a great way to learn from teachers and students. To communicate with netizens, you can also join QQ groups relevant to your interests and enter the post bar.


What is the Exam Time for Cisco CCNA?

Test time: 140 minutes.

Number of questions: 50-60

Score: 825

Exam Questions: Multiple-choice Questions, Simulation Questions, Dragging Questions, Dragging Questions.

The new certification version includes:

1. Validity of CCNA Certification

The validity period for CCNA Certificates is three years. To keep your certificate valid, you must pass the re-certification exam before it expires. The validity period for CCNA Certification will automatically be extended if you achieve a higher level Cisco Certification within three year.

2. CCNA Recertification Test (you may pass one of the CCNP Exams instead.

You must pass the exam of 642-825 before the validity period ends. You can also take courses prefixed with 642-XXX.

Extended Data

The CCNA covers the following aspects:

1. LAN Part: Basic knowledge of Network Interconnection, Network Reference Model, introduction Cisco Routers & Switches, configuration of Static & Dynamic Routing Protocols (including RIP and EIGRP and OSPF), Routing between VLANs and VLANs, usage of CDP and VTP Protocols, Wireless Network Interconnection, and IPv6 etc.

2. Wan Part: Wan Access Technology and usage of Frame Relay and PPP, etc.

3. Network Security Part: Introduction to Network Security, use of Access Control List, and implementation of Secure Telecommuting.

Reference Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cisco CCNA

Hello! The exam takes approximately two hours. What type of questions are on the CCNA Exam? How can you prepare?

The CCNA test code for 640-802 is The test takes 140 minutes. The score total is 1000 points. The pass score is 825. The most recent version of the question bank is V104.4.

Exam Questions: Multiple-choice Questions. Drawing Questions. Experimental Questions. Currently, there are 48 questions in the exam. There are three required experimental questions and one to three questions for the Drawing Questions. Sometimes there are no Drawing Questions. The rest are multiple-choice questions.

(1) Multiple-choice Questions refer to the original questions in the question banks. The description of question stems, options, and their order will remain the same as in the question bank.

(2) Dragging Questions: Drag the IP address from the left to the appropriate position in the figure to the right. During the exam, the IP address will change. The question type is the same. It is important to understand the question bank.

(3) Three Experimental Questions are all that are required. These three questions were given the name “EIGRP ACL” because the question type and test site are the same, but the experimental data will be different.

(4) Score: There is no score for every question on the CCNA Exam. The lowest score is 300 points. You also get 300 points if you don’t answer any question. Multiple-choice questions and drawing questions are worth 13 to 14 points each, while three experimental questions are worth 150 points.

What does exam time mean? Your appointment will determine the exam time for Cisco CCNA. The exam time is not fixed. The time limit for Cisco CCNA Exam is 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is divided into Dragging Questions and Experimental Questions. Multiple-choice Questions are also included. On the SPOTO official website, you will find general knowledge explanations and a question bank for CCNA. If you have the time, you can find out more about it.

The test takes approximately an hour and a quarter. If you are familiar with the questions bank, most people can complete it in an hour.

The test takes 90 minutes and the number of tests is 640-802.


15 Secrets to PMP Exam Prep

1. Which PMP exam materials to read?
It is not necessary. Candidates lack the time to learn and not the materials. It is enough to learn SPOTO PMP dumps.

There are many books on project management that you can find in book shops. But, too many books won’t make you master the key information. It is recommended to focus on the 20% most important in PMBOK and lecture notes given by teachers.

2. The exam mentions “occupations” and “social responsibility”. This section is not available. Do we need to read lecture notes?
The teacher will explain this part in class.

3. Is it important that you read the appendix, references, and terminologies in your textbook?
It is very important. The explanations in glossary are the essence of PMBOK.

4. I don’t want to read the English textbooks. Can I not read it? Can I not read it? Will I pass the PMP exam if I don’t?
It is not necessary. You can skip the English version if you are familiar with the Chinese version. This will allow you to pass the exam. The key is to master all knowledge points. If you are not confident, you can refer to the bi-lingual textbook.

5. Do I need to ask more questions?
You don’t have to. You don’t need to answer all the questions. Quality matters more than quantity. SPOTO’s questions cover most of the major knowledge points required for PMP certification. You can only pass the exam if you are able to understand the knowledge points in each question.

6. Where can I download the bi-lingual PMBOK
Official website of Droi, Shanghai. Highlighted are the exam knowledge points. You can upgrade Acrbat Reader to version 6.0 if you are unable to find the highlighted points after downloading.

7. Based on past experience, are our sample tests and homework able to cover all exam questions?
They can cover 99% exam knowledge. The textbook PMBOK contains 60% exam knowledge, while lecture notes cover 40%.

8. I have a lot of experience answering questions, but my accuracy rate is very low. What can I do about it?
You should use PMBOK, lecture notes, and personal experience to answer your questions.

9. Some question analyses are very easy, I discovered. I have questions that I am still unsure about after reading the answers.
These analyses should be recited in a very short form. If the question is too difficult or easy, the analysis will be very short.

10. I do questions in a slow pace. How can I solve the problem?
You need to be able to use your skills and not just know the information points. A. Please read the last sentence. B. B.

11. The pages of PMBOK are frequently mentioned in the question analyses that training teachers deliver. Is it the electronic version or the paper version?
It refers to the paper edition. It refers to the Chinese version if the analysis says “refer TO PMBOK CH 12” It is English if it says “EN P70”.

12. I would like to find out where our teachers in training get this additional knowledge.
I am an expert in the PMI PMP exam. Over the years, I have gathered and arranged over 5000 additional questions. I make notes on each question and then sort out any exam knowledge. I have sorted more than 200 knowledge points based on the PMP exam materials. This is why I am able to answer most questions regarding PMP certification.

13. I discovered that the answers given by different training institutions to my questions are inconsistent. Which one should you trust?
SPOTO’s questions are 100% authentic PMP exam questions that you can trust.

14. Most people’s M1 scores aren’t very high. Only a few people were able to pass. Are we able to improve our scores with M2 or M3
The key lies in the after class efforts, not the M2 and M3. Each sample exam tests your weak spots, so y


New plans for the PMP Exam Preparation

The PMP exam is becoming more difficult each year. There are more ambiguous and flexible questions, and more people reading it. The syllabus revision is next. You need to follow these steps if you want to pass the PMP exams prior to the revision of your syllabus.

Trilogy of PMP Review: Knowledge points, basic process and decision and judgement

The first step is to master basic knowledge points, which include 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas, and 19 process functions.

The second step is to identify the main processes and learn the knowledge points in class. This includes problem solving, risk management, execution monitoring, risk management, change management, and planning.

The third step is to choose from the four ambiguous answers by answering the questions using the basic knowledge of basic procedures.

Summary of the PMP Learning Materials
1. Books
PMBOK (Sixth edition)

Introduction to the project management body knowledge

Knowledge presentation on project management

Test of project management knowledge simulation

PMBOK is a PMP exam manual that you must read at least three times.

I was able to follow the teacher in class for the first time and understood the basic knowledge points. I also sorted out the context of project managing and did unit exercises.

Finish the simulation questions again, and then study the questions that are unclear or wrong. Next, find the knowledge points.

The third time, focus on the chapter of the start, close, changes, issues, risks, quality, resources/communication/stakeholders, procurement, etc.

2. The Exercise
Finalizing a certification exam course is an inevitable part of the process.

A set of unit exercises, organized according to PMBOK units. These are useful for mastering the basic knowledge points.

Three sets of simulation questions after intensive instruction to verify the learning effect.

Three sets of sprint questions (after you have read the first two times, verify the rate and research topic).

Learning Methods
1. Preparing for the exam requires that you read the PMBOK tutorial and have a basic understanding of the relevant knowledge framework.

2. After you have entered the learning state, make sure you continue to watch the course videos.

3.Do not miss the live class.

4. You should take notes and ask more questions when you watch the course videos. Practice should be done once per day. Also, practice answering wrong questions in chapters. Every day, I had to wake up at 5:00 AM to watch a one-hour course video. To catch up, I watched it at a moderate pace.

Because practice makes perfect, she insisted that we take the time to do the daily exercises after lunch every day. I spent two hours in the evening watching each chapter’s course videos and doing chapter exercises. I also insist on studying every day, even weekends. Simulating and answering simulation questions in my morning, and then reading through the analysis of wrong question in the afternoon. It is recommended that I finish the set of wrong questions within the first month. Then I sort out any relevant notes. Janice’s study guide can help you organize your study time.

1. It is important to pay attention to the exam. The registration fee is expensive. We need to spend more time learning. Only this way can we make up the hard work that we have put in.

2. The PMP exam is more than just reading books. Many of the PMP exams are situational questions. Therefore, it is important to practice exercises regularly to master the skills and ideas required to answer these questions.

3. Pay attention to the pace of the exam room and answer one question per minute. Do not get bogged down with questions that you don’t know the answer to.


Five Reasons to Take the PMP Certification Exam

Enhance your working abilities
The PMP certification training is a great way to master project management thinking and improve your work skills. You can gain new management skills by passing the PMP exam. This includes understanding how to integrate different systems, methods and personnel, as well as finishing tasks while meeting certain deadlines, budget, quality, and time targets. International recognition of the PMP certificate is also available.
Enhance Organizational Competitiveness
As economic globalization increases and market competition becomes fierce, business environment changes are rooted. Organizations and enterprises have a more complex relationship. Cross-sectional and cross-industry collaborations are increasing. Enterprises must be more systematic and use scientific management methods to ensure that every project succeeds, given the risks of progress, cost, quality, risk, and resources. The organizational model that focuses on projects can be more effective in meeting the competitive and development needs of businesses. However, organizations, institutions, as well as enterprises, need a more internationalized and regulated management platform. Experts consider the 21st Century “the era for project management”. Modern enterprises have made project management an integral part of their management. PMP certification is a tough criterion in the engineering industry.
A Pass card for entry into famous enterprises
The propel of PMI has made PMI PMP certification a “golden certifice.” It has become a more widely used tool in many fields, including astronomy, telecommunications, computer software development, architecture, finance, and even government sections. The operative mode of project management has been adopted by many prominent corporations around the globe, including Alcatel-Lucent and AST, Morgan Stanley and Hewlett-Packard. They also require that all project managers should have PMP certification. PMP is currently recognized by many countries and project managers around the globe. It is a universal certificate that can also be used in different areas and multi-national corporations.
Professional-level Project Management
Employees who are interested in project management can take the PMP exam prep to learn how to manage projects. They will also be able to understand the process, knowledge domains, and process groups. They can also be trained to become project managers theoretically. A person who is already involved in project management can manage his work and improve his professional-level by obtaining PMP certification.
Increase your work efficiency
After obtaining the certificate, some candidates are offered promotions and salary increases. While some candidates did not receive direct returns, their efficiency and working methods were improved. Nearly all candidates agree that PMP certification training courses are beneficial to their work abilities.
To Sum up
Project managers will find that taking the PMI PMP exam can help them develop their careers and increase their competence. Gorky once stated that books are the ladder to human progress. Knowledge can help you make progress, no matter what time period. PMP certification is an excellent way to get higher for project managers.


Preparation is key to obtaining a PMP certificate. Project Management Exam Experience – Get the PMP certificate without any basis

How do I prepare for the PMP Exam Exam?

I am a project manager and a student who loves working overtime, but has poor grades. I need to continue my efforts to obtain a PMP certification.

How do I prepare for the PMP Exam Exam?
First, choose the best way to learn PMP. PMP’s philosophy is to “do it right”. Preparing for the PMP is about putting what you have learned into action. Let me briefly describe my PMP learning process to you:

1. PMPs should pay attention to class and follow the teacher’s pace closely

Face-to-face instruction is not feasible for office workers. Online courses are available for those who have taken the PMP exam. You can choose the network course time at your own pace and in any degree you like. The teachers will organize the online course in a way that is easy to follow. It will be organized step-by-step. It also contains all of the PMP exam points.

You are advised to review the handout before you start preparing for the PMP exam if you have the time.

2. While you read the PMBOK, think and practice to become familiar with the PMP test points.

I was a PMP student with poor knowledge and worked late into the nights so it was difficult to read PMBOK three more times than required by my teacher. To help me understand the concepts better, I would close each chapter and reflect on the key points of PMP within the chapter. Then, I would use mind maps to organize the information and then complete the exercises in the chapter.

In order to have a systematic understanding, PMBOK must be sorted by its core contents. This includes the process groups, tools, and methods.

3. Stick to a small PMP goal.

PMP students who are unable to go on the review, or who have the desire to look down on their competitors, might want to consider the PMP examination fee as well as the training fee. It is still quite expensive. It will be a great motivator for most students, I believe.

Next, maintain a positive attitude in the PMP examination area.

A positive attitude is half the key to success. I believe you can pass your PMP exam after careful preparation and simulation. You don’t need to be nervous about the PMP exam. All you need is a positive mentality and the right attitude. It won’t be a bad result.

It is important that PMP trains the answering skills for the testing questions.

Practice sessions and practice tests are essential to help you become a speed player, answering 200 questions in two hours on the real PMP exam. It is simple: when you do exercises to find key words, judge the topic test points, and choose the correct answer, the method is very straightforward. Training is necessary to assess the accuracy of the PMP test point.

Project Management Exam Experience – Get the PMP Certificate without any Basis

Today, I want to share my PMP preparation experiences with you. Janice, a SPOTO student, passed the exam after two months of hard work.

Preparing for the Cycle
We should have high expectations and high expectations during the PMP preparation period. Among these is “confidence”. Don’t lose heart.

Learning Methods
1. Preparing for the exam requires that you read the PMBOK tutorial and have a basic understanding of the relevant knowledge framework.

2. After you have entered the learning state, make sure to continue watching the course videos.

3.Do not miss the live class and insist on clapping the entire day


The Guide to Preparing for the PMP Exam

Concerning the PMP preparation experience I thought about exporting it once the exam result is out. But I have no time to do it. I didn’t even pick up my pen until I saw PDU activity at the examination institution a few weeks ago. Read on to find out the whole story about the PMP and make a decision whether or not to take it.

Because of my job requirements, I applied for PMP. Even though I’m not a project manager, I can use my project management skills to promote the project. Even though I am just graduating, communication skills and the ability to push ahead are all important. However, reading a book or attending company training has not resulted in a significant improvement in my skills. I was lucky enough to find the tutorial post for the PMP group registered on BBS in my company. I found the content of the PMP to be exactly what I needed after browsing it. I was able to confirm my exam qualification through communication with the teacher at the SPOTO institutions. I signed up for the training class that began in December last year. I passed the exam with the help of my teachers and my own study. Next, I’ll share my experiences in preparing for the exam. I hope you find the article useful.
What is the PMP?
1. PMP is a high-quality professional certification in project management. (Note: Many project management job applicants will prefer PMP certification.

2. PMP must take the exam. There are also conditions for registration.
What do I need to register for the PMP exam?
1.Years of Work: A bachelor’s degree or higher requires at least 3 years of experience in the workplace, while other degrees require at least 5 years.

2.Candidates must have a minimum of 35 hours (PDUs) of experience in project management training covering 10 major knowledge areas within the project management knowledge system.

The PMP’s gold content is not affected by degree registration. I was a student at the time and had just completed my undergraduate degree. I applied for the PMP using a high school diploma. Training institutions can help you accumulate PDU. The experience gained through project management training is part of the process of receiving training at the training institutions.

How to prepare scientifically for an exam
PMP proposition rules follow the five process groups and ten knowledge areas of project management. Different teachers set each module. Each module has its own teacher who sets the examination points. Some of them even refer to the original text of the book. Not only is it useful for studying for exams, but it also helps to improve one’s ability to recall information and to make sense of it. Next, you need to complete more questions. You don’t have to answer too many questions. Five sets is enough. You can divide the first three sets into different times to complete. After reading the book, the focus is on finding the most important knowledge points. You will need to identify the key knowledge points and organize questions that you have made mistakes many times. These two sets must be used to simulate the test. To adapt to the test’s pace, it will take you 3-4 hours to complete the test. The final point is fragmented learning. Making the most of the fragmented learning time to retain key knowledge. I want to thank the tutoring agency that recorded the explanation and the knowledge from the small white book. This will allow me to use the bus time to study.
The PMP: Personal Feelings

I think that most people, unless they have been project managers, will be confused about whether or not to take this test. Is this a good test? I was worried at the beginning that I would not be able to use the test.